8D set off on their 3 day adventure with their IS teacher, Mr Micallef, Ms Brytcz and Ms Stanislaw on a bright Tuesday morning. The plan was to do some sightseeing that afternoon, where the change of pace and setting would allow the bunch to walk, talk and enjoy the rural setting. After our BBQ dinner, Mr Micallef managed to get a lovely campfire going, and we enjoyed roasting marshmallows and telling stories by the fire. Wednesday was the big day, with an early start and a trip to Shepparton, to take in the local sights and get in a few games of Tenpin Bowling, given that the weather was not really conducive for any type of swimming! After our bowling, we headed off to Benalla to our friends, the North-Eastern Archery Club, to practise our skills with the bow and arrow. Everyone enjoyed the challenge, and had a great afternoon. After a lovely dinner, off we went to climb Mt Wombat; a short but steep climb that got our heart-rates up! The stunning views were worth it though. It was a very relaxed, and enjoyable camp, allowing us to return feeling energized for the last part of Term 4.



Mr Mark Micallef – Integrated Studies Teacher