As part of the Advance program, we spent term 3 working on a project known as Kids Teaching Kids. The Kids Teaching Kids program helps students, empowering them to become advocates for their surrounding environment and become ambassadors for their community.

We worked on this project for quite some time and the class decided on a theme for a workshop, which was reusing and recycling.  The aim of our workshop was to teach children about environmental issues, and educate them on the importance of recycling, and the detrimental environmental impacts of not recycling. The class split into groups and we planned different parts of the workshop according to what group we were in. Half of the class created a paper making workshop called picture perfect paper, using scrap paper to teach kids how to reuse paper in a fun craft project. The other half of the class created a play where they portrayed the importance of putting items into the correct bins. The play included someone falling because of a banana peel which was thrown on the ground, due to someone’s carelessness. The aim of this workshop was to teach students about how to use the correct bins, where they had to work together to place various items into the correct rubbish, recycling or green waste bin. 

On September 9, we went to University Park Primary School and worked as a team to present our workshop to educate young environmental leaders as well as the class captains at the school. The Mayor of Brimbank, Jasmine Nguyen also attended the workshop and it was amazing to have her join us to see what we have been working on during the term. We had a really great time working together as a team to teach the University Park Primary School students about reusing and recycling.

We would like to thank University Park Primary School for allowing us to run our workshop with the students and to the young environmental leaders and house captain for attending. We would like to thank the Mayor of Brimbank City Council Jasmine Nguyen for coming to support us on the day and encouraging us while we were running the workshops. We are very grateful that she attended the program. We would also like to thank Ms Mortimor and her Year 7 class for allowing us to run the workshop with them and also for Ms Mortimor attending on the day. 

We hope that these students have developed their knowledge on recycling, and they can take the lessons they have learnt and continue to recycle years down the line, making a difference for our world, step by step. 

Article written by: Kevin To, Kevin Zhang – 9A, Taranjeet Singh – 9A


Jennifer Papagianopoulos – Advance Program Coordinator