It was a running start to term for the Alumni Program, with the special guest speaker at the Year 12 graduation ceremony being an alum, as well as two special guests at our whole school assembly handing out their awards, also alumni!

At the Year 12 graduation ceremony last Friday, 2017 graduate, Christina Yakovlev, gave a reflective speech about her time as a student of St Albans SC, the pathway she embarked on after finishing school, and some of the challenges she has faced, and continues to face, since then.  Her messaging was clear; never give up!   Christina gave practical tips for preparing for the last sprint, and a reminder that perseverance is key to achieving your goals in the face of disappointment and prejudice.

Dr Jozica Kutin and Helen Papadimitriou attended our whole school assembly on Monday to hand out their respective awards for Psychology and English. Dr Joz (as she is affectionately known) gave a moving speech about the pride she feels for the school, and about the life-long friendship she and Helen built in their time as students at the school in the 80s. Congratulations to Lily Huang 11B and Jessica Luong 10E for their commitment, dedication and passion for Psychology and English, respectively.


Ms Nicole Gurd – Alumni Coordinator