In week 4 of the term, all Junior School students participated in the Athletics Carnival.  This is a mammoth logistical exercise, and involved all students from the sub-school attending the Keilor Park Athletics Track for most of the day.  It was very pleasing to note that despite the rather inclement weather, student participation was substantially up from last year.  Our students may have been inspired by the concurrent Commonwealth Games in Birmingham!  The coordinators would like to congratulate the students on the way that they behaved on the day. It was wonderful to see the values of the school being reflected in the behaviour of the students.  Students agreed that it was a demonstration of teamwork and was an entertaining and exciting day.  Of particular note was the victory of the students over the teachers in the Tug-of-War.


Junior School students have continued to attend camp at Strathbogie.  We are now moving into the Year 8 classes going, which is particularly exciting for those students who missed out on camp in 2021.  With the cold weather now truly set in, please ensure that students are appropriately dressed when they go on camp.

Course selection for Year 8 students, into Year 9 is now open.  This year we are providing students with a direct link to their EdVal account, so that they may enter their own classes directly.  Please pay attention to the course selection rules.  These rules determine which classes can be selected for next year and are built into the selection process.  Course selection closes on Friday, 19 August.



Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader