Welcome back to Term 3 from the Junior Sub School. 

The term began with an incursion from Brainstorm Productions, called “The Hurting Game”.  This two person stage play tackled issues such as acceptance amongst peers, body image, cyber bullying and risk taking.  The play followed two young people from when they started at school in Prep, through to a difficult drama assessment that they were rehearsing for in Year 11.  Along the way they faced many issues that our own students would be likely to experience.  The characters made a number of poor choices, which tended to aggravate their already bad situations.  Ultimately they were able to rely on each other as good friends and whilst the outcome was a bit uncertain, it appeared as though they were going to successfully complete secondary school. 

The issues raised in The Hurting Game are not unlike issues faced by our own students.  Before and after the performance it was made clear that students are able to speak to teachers, coordinators and the Wellbeing team should they have any particular concerns.

This term the students will be engaging in a number of activities regarding Conflict Resolution, as part of the broader Connect, Protect and Respect program.  This was introduced to students at the assemblies in Week 2.  Initially the focus has been on recognising anger, in the form of a hypothetical ‘red beast’.  Recognising when the red beast has appeared is key to developing strategies to controlling anger and managing conflict. 



Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader