Congratulations and Welcome to all the new students, all Year 7 students and returning Year 8 students. We are off to a busy but flying start in the Junior School this year with the largest cohort of students for a very long time.

The first day for Year 7 saw students enjoying meeting their Integrated Studies Teacher and Coordinators and enjoying a BBQ with sausages at lunchtime. The weather was perfect and after lunch they participated with great enthusiasm in their class groups in a sports afternoon in the Gymnasium and Trivia in Home rooms.  The Year 7 students have also completed a first day impression to go in a time capsule which will be opened in 2028.

Students are learning how to greet in their various LOTE’s and are starting an identity unit in Integrated Studies. In PE, students are doing fitness testing. They are enjoying woodwork, art and food technology also.

Year 8 students settled quickly and enthusiastically back into their classes, meeting new teachers and having an enjoyable first day. They are enjoying their start to the new year and are engaging well in their subjects. In Integrated Studies, students are learning about Geography and in Science, safety and experimentation and observation is the start of their course.

Year 7 and 8 Students are commencing Class Captain Elections and will presented some speeches to their classes. We look forward to working with the representatives of classes in their new roles this year.

It is very pleasing to see the students in the Junior School in full school uniform.  Most students have all their books and diaries which make for a very smooth beginning to the year. If you have any difficulties in getting any books or uniform please contact the Junior School. Could parents also advise the front office of any change of address and phone numbers as soon as possible. If your child is absent, a note or medical certificate needs to be brought to the coordinator upon the student’s return to school. Coordinators are interviewing the Year 7 students individually and getting to know each other.

All students have been issued with lockers and have locks for these.

Year 7 classes are starting to venture to the school camp at Strathbogie.  It is a brilliant 3 days away where students cook, explore, canoe and hike amongst other things. It is a chance for students to bond and get to know their classmates and teacher well. All students are encouraged to attend.

School photos took place on Wednesday, 17 February.

The Swimming Sports are on Tuesday, 8 March and it is compulsory for all students to attend. If your child is ill on this day they must have a Medical Certificate. Please remember to have sunscreen, lunch, hats and water bottles on this day. We look forward to all students participating in events.

The Junior School coordinators look forward to meeting parents and assisting them with any concerns they may have about their child.

 The Junior School Team is looking forward to working with students and their families in 2022.

 Student Reflections on the Start of the Year

“As soon as we saw our Primary school friends, we did not feel nervous anymore. We found our way to assembly and then around the school. We realised that the challenges that we thought were big got smaller and easier. The rest of the week was a huge success. “       Puneet Kaur and Spike Gillbee  7J

 “The first day at St Albans was fun!  We made new friends, learned about lockers, school rules, got our timetables and had the assembly. We played trivia and had some lessons and a nice BBQ and drinks and completed a school tour.”        Diti  7A

 “We played number soccer on our first day at school. It was a hot day but we did our best. At lunch we had a sausage sizzle.”           Ray  7A 

 “The most memorable part of the day for me was at the end when we played sports. I am looking forward to learning different things and spending time with my friends “   Vivian  7A

 “The locks at first were very complex, then we had a school tour. We had a sausage sizzle – they were very tasty! Overall, I am excited to learn new and exciting things!“   James  7A



Junior Sub School Team