It could be considered a wobbly start, what with our first alumni speaker cancelled and all, but we will not be deterred!  There is much to be excited about in 2022.  There are many eager already-connected alumni waiting in the wings for the perfect session, and there are many new connections to be made.

Our full bloom theme of last year may have been a little premature as our buds are only still just opening, but they’re open enough to suggest that a full bloom is not far off.

It will be an absolute delight to invite alumni back onto campus for sessions, do we dare say that our alumni recordings are a thing of the past?  Perhaps the videos will serve another purpose for the year ahead but for now our sessions are planned for real life people, answering real life questions about their post-school experiences and career pathways.

I love a bit of going-off-track with the questions as they follow the organic path from study tips and subject selection to paying taxes and buying a car.  This only really happens when our sessions are before a group of students who can ask the alumni questions in real time and who keep the flow going with their wild ideas of the world.  These interactions are integral to the impact of the alumni sessions, and I look forward to an impactful year for our program in 2022.