Although VCE and VCAL classes have concluded, there has still been plenty of activity in Senior School.


We had the Year 12 formal taking place this year. It was held at the Luxor Reception Centre. It was such a joy to be able to celebrate with the Year 12 students after the unprecedented two years they have had as senior students.


Teachers have finished their reports for Semester 2 and Orientation for next year’s Year 11 and Year 12 VCE and VCAL classes has been conducted.

The Year 12 VCE students had their orientation program where they were given their first formative assessment task to complete in each of their Year 12 subjects.

The Year 11 VCE and the VCAL classes had a ‘One week’ Orientation Program.


If you have a student going into Year 11 or 12 next year, please ask them about the Holiday Homework which they will have received during the Orientation program. It has been set for all VCE and VCAL subjects, and students will have some work that is due in on the first day of timetabled classes in 2022


It is expected that this homework is completed on time so that the classes can begin smoothly.


The Year 12 VCE Results are released on Thursday 16 December. The Careers team will be at school supporting students with their change of preferences.


Year 11 students had their final assembly on Thursday 18 November. Students received awards for their achievements in their subjects.


Accounting Malie TRUONG  
Biology Andy LAM  
Business Management Martin CHAN  
Business Management Natalie  WIECKOWSKI  
Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology Joshua KWOK  
Certificate III in Music Eric LUU  
Chemistry Jasmine LU  
EAL (Bridging) Davis NGUYEN  
English Ha PHAM  
English Kirsty SMART
English William DAVCEVSKI
English as an Additional Language Gloria RULINDA
Food Studies Ashley HUYNH
Food Studies  Units 3 & 4 Julia LE
Further Mathematics (Units 3&4) Khang NGUYEN
General Mathematics Huong LUONG
General Mathematics Peter TRAN
General Mathematics Phu PHAM
Legal Studies Phuong (Thao) BUI
Literacy Natalie TRAN
Mathematical Methods(CAS) Zaid MOHIDEEN
Numeracy Anthony MOLLICA
Numeracy Tommy LE
Personal Development Skills Aydin VIKIC
Personal Development Skills Cathleen AU
Personal Development Skills Nicholas ROBERTS
Physical Education Patsy QUAN
Psychology Trung NGUYEN
Specialist Maths Justin NGO
Studio Arts Tahli McGUIRK
Work Related Skills Jovana DOKMANOVIC
Work Related Skills Mariam JAN NEMAT


Angel TUMUSA:  Numeracy

                                 Work Related Skills


Anna BENNY: Psychology

                         Health & Human Development 


Anthony LE:  Literacy

                        Work Related Skills


Cynthia PHAM:  General Mathematics
                              Psychology Unit 3&4

Eric TRAN:  Mathematical Methods (CAS)

Lance LUI LAM: Accounting


Lilian HA:  Specialist Mathematics

Linh (Ngoc) NGUYEN: Chemistry
                                        Vietnamese 1st Language

Ropati AUMUA: Personal Development Skills


Vishal GILL : Numeracy

Kha Nam TRAN : Economics
                               Twentieth Century History

Phu NGUYEN : Mathematical Methods (CAS)
                           Further Mathematics (Unit 3 & 4)



Deedee COLUSSI:  Legal Studies




Eric VO: Applied Computing


                Further Mathematics (Units 3 & 4)


Sarah VO: Biology

                   Japanese 2nd Language

                   Psychology Units 3&4


Sarah LIU: General Mathematics


                    Mathematical Methods (CAS)


Anthony TRAN: Chemistry
                             Mathematical Methods (CAS)
                              Further Mathematics (Units 3&4)


Charmaine ACURAM: General Mathematics
                                        Visual Communication & Design
                                        History Revolutions Units 3&4


The Senior Sub School also met with each student transitioning from Year 10 into Year 11. Students met with their Year 11 coordinator for 2022 during Wednesday 8 December and Thursday 9 December for about 10 minutes. The Promotion Policy was discussed with them and some of the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority) guidelines. Their diaries for 2022 and the school Year book were also distributed along with some important dates for 2022.


The Year 12 Study camp for all students doing Year 12 in 2022 is on Thursday 10 February and Friday 11 February 2022. All students will be given the information through Compass. Payments can be made on Compass during the holidays. Just reminding parents, that this is a compulsory school event for all Year 12 students.


The Year 12, 2022 Parent Information evening is on Wednesday, 2 February starting at 6.30pm 


Many thanks to the parents who have contacted us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators, as we call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences for your child. The Case Management process continues to monitor closely the attendance, achievement and individual needs of all our students. Please contact us on 9366 2555 if you have any queries or concerns about the progress of your child, especially at the beginning of the new school year.