It has been a busy time of the year in Junior School and students have been working hard to get their best results and to complete assessments for reports.  Junior School students are involved in lots of activities around the school and students have had a wonderful year in the Junior School. The last week of the term was a nice way to spend with friends. Many activities were organised by the KLA’s. The Year 7 students spent a day at the Zoo and the Year 8 students went to the Pool on a very warm day of the year.  All students and staff had a wonderful day.


End of year awards and concert

The End of Year Awards and Concert were on Thursday 16th December. The concert was an exciting way to end the busy year with students and staff performing for everyone. Congratulations to all students who received awards on the day.




The Junior Sub School would like to thank our wonderful students and their families for working with us this year. We have a new team starting in 2022 that are all looking forward to working with Year 7 and 8 students and their parents.  Ms Simoes and Mr Beagley join our team for 2022. Thanks to staff for their support and hard work with the Junior Team over the year.


We would also like to thank Ms Cassar for her lovely and tireless work with our Junior’s. Ms Cassar will move to the Senior Sub School next year to support VCE and VCAL students.


Thank you also to the other members of the Junior school team Mr Moore, Mr. Winduss, Mr Brown, Mr Lac, Mr Beagley and Ms Zoe Lee for all the great work and enthusiasm this year.


Year 7 and 8 English

Thank you to our students for sharing their poems,