The Year 9 Advance class participated in the Young Environmental Leaders Program, an 8 – week program run by Brimbank City Council. The program explored a variety of themes such as our environmental impact and working together on what we care about. During the program, we became aware of issues that occur when feeding birds bread at our local waterways.

Well-intentioned people feed bread to ducks/birds, thinking they are helping them eat but in reality it causes them harm. Bread is a food that “fills up” a bird however it does not provide the proper nutrients. Not only are birds being harmed, this can cause an inconvenience to the community, as left over bread can attract mice/rats which increases their population in the area. In water, an increase in duck faeces and uneaten bread can also create a build up of algal-blooms (a plant that grows in water). Just a few of these blooms can kill fish, mammals and may even cause harm to humans with the toxins they create.

There are many reasons why bread should not be fed to ducks/ birds, so please help us spread the word to protect our wildlife!

created by: Thien, Angela, Amy & Genevieve