At this time in the school year, we are leading up to final examinations for our Year 11 and Year 12 students. We have our Year 12 students back at school and we are working with our Year 11 students remotely.

Year 12 External exams will commence on Wednesday 27 October with English and EAL and be completed by Wednesday 17 November. Some Language exams and VET Music exams have already been done as has the GAT.

Year 12 VCE students sat through a series of online revision lectures during the holidays. Some of these were run by EQUAL Ed and some by Year 12 teachers.  Practice exams were pushed back and were done in classes when students returned to onsite learning after the GAT in Term 4.

Students got a ‘taste’ of where they are at with their studying and what sort of preparation is ahead of them leading up to their final exams.

On Monday 11 October and Wednesday 13 October, the Year 12 VCAL students had their interviews where they show cased their folios for the time they were in the VCAL program. They discussed with the panel members the skills, knowledge and experience they gained in the program, especially working during the pandemic, and what they plan to do in 2022.

This year we again hosted our Annual Year 12 Awards Evening in a completely different way. It was the ‘Graduation/Awards Afternoon’.

The event took place in the school’s Performing Arts Centre (PAC).  Students were in classrooms and then made their way to the PAC received their graduation certificates and subject awards wearing their graduation gowns. They then made their way back into their allocated classroom.

The event was live streamed for students, family members and friends to see.

The guest speaker for the afternoon was Steve OBEID.

Steve completed his VCAL certificate at St Albans SC and he shared his career journey with our school community during the afternoon.

We also had Year 12 students in the VET Music class perform for their peers.

It was a prestigious and inspiring event which showed just how talented so many of our students are and how hard they had worked during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a graduation of a different kind, but our students did us proud.  Congratulations to all.

Below is the list of all students who received an award.

MAJOR AWARD winners  
Cindy LE DUX – VCE Excellence Award  
Jasmine Mondia VCAL Excellence Award 
Jamal BABA Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award   
Cindy LE ADF Future Innovator Award   


One Subject Award winners  
Jenna LE Biology
Jimmy CHAU Biology
Jason LY Business Management
Allen LU Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology
Anh NGUYEN English as an Additional Language
Syed ABIDI Further Mathematics
Anna DUONG Further Mathematics
Imbree KENT MAESTRE Further Mathematics
Nina LE Further Mathematics
Jessica PHAM Further Mathematics
Le Khanh PHAN Geography
Iris WEN Health and Human Development
Lily TRAN Japanese (2nd language)
Codey BRIEN Literacy
Jasmine MONDIA Literacy
Lisa DIEP Literacy
Holland PHUNG Numeracy
Jordan PISCOPO Numeracy
Tina SALIMA Numeracy
Cam Tu (Tina) NGUYEN Personal Development Skills
Fuamai (Mai) SAOLEITITI Personal Development Skills
Maria VILLAREAL Personal Development Skills
Rhiannon STILLEY Physical Education
Vi LE Psychology
Christine VONG Visual Communication Design
Dawn JEANES Work Related Skills
Sione AHO Work Related Skills
Thanawat NGUYEN Work Related Skills


Two Subject Award winners  
Maddy CHAPMAN Food Studies
Jenny CHEN English
  Legal Studies
Sam LA Legal Studies
Vi PHAM Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
  Vietnamese (1st Language)
Nemanja POPOVIC Biology
  Further Mathematics
Jack SCHOEN Certificate III in Music
Jessica TAING Chemistry
Stephanie TRAN Chemistry
Jennifer WHITFIELD English
  History (Revolutions)
Three Subject Award winners  
Christina LE Chemistry
  Health & Human Development
  Mathematical Methods(CAS)
Ngoc TRUONG Business Management
  Studio Arts
Four Subject Award winners  
Jamal BABA English
  Mathematical Methods(CAS)
Cindy LE Mathematical Methods(CAS)
  Specialist Mathematics

The Year 11 VCE exams will now commence on Friday 5 November and be completed by Monday 16 November. The Year 11 VCAL classes be running up to and including Friday 12 November.

The Orientation Program for Year 11 into Year 12 VCE for 2022 will commence on Tuesday 16 November and finish on Friday 3 December. It is compulsory for students to attend classes these two during this time.  They will have their first assessment task as Year 12 VCE students.

The Year 11 into 12 VCAL Orientation is from Monday 16 November until Wednesday 18 November, again attendance is compulsory as students will start work towards a Senior VCAL.

Many thanks to the parents who contact us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators, as we will call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences for your child.

 The Case Management process continues to monitor closely the attendance, achievement and individual needs of all our students. Please contact us on 9366 2555 if you have any queries or concerns about the progress of your child.