Frida 27 August is Wear it Purple Day

Wear it Purple Day is an annual LGBTIQA+ awareness day especially for young people, based in Australia. 

A yearly awareness and visibility campaign, it’s a chance for the whole community – LGBTQIA+ folks and straight allies – to celebrate the spirit of LGBTQIA+ youth.

It’s a day of fundraising, events, fun, LOTS OF PURPLE, and building each other up. Especially queer young people.

Wear it Purple began in 2010, after a global response to news stories of bullying and harassment and its impact on LGBTQIA+ teenagers, including a number who took their own life. The community came together in response – first with overwhelming grief, then by acting with a day of support, education, and fundraising.

If you would like to support this cause, I invite you to either send a photo of you wearing purple to the Instagram Page @sasc_student_wellbeing and it will be posted to our Instagram page on Friday 27 August. (if you do not have Instagram but still wish for your photo to go up on Instagram, please send it through to