With Term 3 now well under way, Year 9 and 10 students have completed their course counseling assignments for the year, and made their subject selections in line with their pathways for 2022. Year 9s have selected a wide range of subjects to study in Year 10 next year, and many of them are now well on the way to establishing a clear route into their chosen field of study in the years to come. Year 10 students also spend a great deal of time thinking about their options for next year. Thank you to all parents who attended our online information evenings, contacted Year Level Coordinators to discuss course selections, and asked questions about the VCE and vocational pathways available to students next year.

Progress reports will be made available on Compass in Week 7 for parents to view. Year Level Coordinators are in the process of speaking with students and their families about current learning progress and offering support to those who need it.

A reminder of the supports that are in place for students during remote learning:

Year Level Coordinators are doing class visits each week to check in with staff and students, address any concerns and catch up with those they coordinate.

Students are also encouraged to email their Year Level Coordinator or the Middle Sub School team if they need any support, or just want to say hi. 

The sub school can also be reached by emailing: middle@stalbanssc.vic.edu.au

We hope the last few weeks of term go well for you all. Thank you again for your support and commitment to online learning this term.