The Year 9 Advance class completed their Dukes Award Practice Journey by hiking for 10 kilometers in Riddells Creek, in preparation for their qualifying journey at the end of the year. The camp was filled with many great activities, which led to students having a great time with their classmates. This included cooking marshmallows by the campfire and playing many engaging outdoor volleyball games. Throughout the camp, the students were able to apply their bushwalking skills, set up tents, and experience cooking with a trangia.

Teachers that attended the camp were: Ms Jennifer Papagianopulos, Ms Simone Papagianopulos and Mr McIntyre. Thank you to these teachers for coming and helping us have such a great experience – Angela Lam 9B.

Student Camp Reflections

Amy 9E – Camp was definitely an overall positive experience. While the hike was tiring and the weather was not the best, it was very rewarding to experience this with all my classmates. Setting up tents, cooking on trangias and playing games with what we had, were all very rare experiences for me and others.

Angela 9B – For me, camp was very enjoyable and I definitely made some good memories there. The volleyball games and the s’mores were my favorite parts of the camp, but the hike was also fun as I got to talk to my friends and joke around with them as we walked. Though I was left tired after the camp, it was most definitely enjoyable and I got to leave with new achievements that I gained during the time I spent there.

Genevieve 9E – As a practice journey, the Advance class attended the Rowallan Scout Camp that took place between the 24 June to 25 June. The Advance class took part in activities such as bushwalking, setting up tents, cooking with trangias and engaging in recreational activities. On the 24th of June, the Advance class challenged themselves and had participated in a 10km bushwalk that lasted two and a half hours. Although everyone was tired, it was rewarding at the end as many had seen this walk as a challenge and exhausting.