As part of their unit on ‘Food in Italy’, Year 8 Italian students from Ms Biondi and Mr Lasco’s classes had the opportunity this term to learn how to make authentic pasta dough in class and learn about the 350 different shapes of pasta and their accompanying sauces.

Students were also given the challenge to try making pasta at home and invent a unique pasta shape to enter into our yearly Pasta Shape Competition.

It is our pleasure to announce the following winners. Congratulations to Rahima Muradi of 8J, Sarah (DT) Cairns of 8A, Beatrice Brown of 8D and Edward La of 8G. These imaginative shapes included an Owl, Cobra snake, Star, and Pizza in a box.

These overall winners will receive class prizes and awards.

Congratulations to the other class winners, who also will received class prizes for their individual pasta shape runner-up creations.

Ms Piera Biondi