Dear parents, guardians and students

On behalf of all the staff, we offer our warmest congratulations to the VCE Class of 2017 on their final results which were released Friday, 15 December. And we are delighted to share some of the successes and highlights with you.

The results represent so many individual stories of hard work, commitment, and perseverance, and we couldn’t be more proud of our students for what they have achieved. We are so pleased for them, and for their families. We are also really pleased with what we have achieved as a school. With significant improvements in all aspects of the results, 2017 represents our best ever VCE achievement.

Here are some of the outstanding highlights from the 2017 Year 12 students’ results:

Top ATAR – 98.95
13 students with an ATAR over 90
11% of students with ATARs over 90
29% of students with ATARs over 80
52% of students with ATARs over 70

2 perfect study scores of 50
56 study scores over 40
8.4% of study scores over 40

Congratulations, too, to each and every staff member for their contribution to our students’ success. We particularly thank the Year 12 teachers. We are very, very fortunate to have such a wonderful whole staff team who go above and beyond to support our students. They are completely dedicated to making sure that each student has all they need to successfully complete their schooling, and, importantly, to transition to a quality post school pathway. These results are another testament to that.

Congratulations, again, to the VCE Class of 2017, to their parents, and to our staff. There are many achievements here to celebrate.

Kindest regards

Kerrie Dowsley