In August, two teams of our Year 8 students travelled to the Maths Games Day at Penleigh Essendon Grammar School. The competition provides students with an opportunity to develop their mathematical talents and thinking skills in a fun setting with like-minded students from a diverse range of schools.
We had Parnika Mahajan, Victor Ly, Sam La, Eden Anderson, Anthony Tran, Karen Phuong and Michelle Lam representing St Albans Secondary College. They worked extremely well together in two different teams. They completed Maths puzzles and competed against schools in 3 different math games. They concluded the day with a problem solving task.
The feedback from our students was that the day was an enjoyable experience which challenged them and encouraged them to laterally think to solve questions and importantly work as a team.
Once the scores were tallied up, the schools were ranked from 1 – 100. We finished the day with Team 1 in 41st place with 80 points and Team 2 in 66th place with 64 points. What an experience for all the students that were involved, let’s do it again next year!