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From the Principal Class Team

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Dear Parents and Families

The shorter term than usual Term 2 has sped by quickly.  Whilst it has been challenging in many ways, it has also been really positive to see students settling into the routines and expectations of school.  We have had some lovely school events over the term, such as Education Week activities and last week’s Multicultural Day, where it has been delightful to see and feel that sense of us as a community once again.  It’s something to be very grateful for.


We are really pleased to welcome Zahid Hussein to our Facilities Team as a Groundsperson.  Zahid will continue the tradition of beautiful, well-kept gardens and grounds.  We wish him all the best for his time at St Albans Secondary College.


On the arrival of the two newest members of our wider school community.  Salvina Farrugia and partner, Justin, celebrated the birth of their daughter, Amelie Rita, on 20 May.  And Kristy Le and partner, Sonny, welcomed Theodore on 31 May.

Both families are doing well and are totally besotted with their new babies.  We look forward to meeting Amelie and Theodore soon.



At the end of this term, we will say farewell to two members of our school community.  Brendan McFarland joined the staff here in 2010 as a graduate Physical Education & Humanities teacher.  Over the past 12 years, Brendan has developed his skills as a highly effective teacher and leader; and is respected for his contribution to the Health & PE faculty, as well as for his work with the Middle Sub School students, staff and families.

Through his commitment to ensuring an excellent curriculum program and positive, supportive learning environment, Brendan has had a significant impact on the educational and social experiences of so many young people.

He will certainly be missed here at St Albans Secondary College, and we wish him all the very best on his promotion to Head of Middle Years at Mordialloc College.

As Coordinator of the Keilor St Albans Student Support Services team, Marg Keatley has been instrumental in supporting the wellbeing of many of our students and their families, as well as our staff.  Marg has coordinated the provision of specialist services to schools across the Keilor St Albans network and has very often been the first port of call in situations where high level professional services were required for people in distress.

We have always been able to rely on Marg’s sensible, informed, and compassionate advice in the most challenging circumstances.  She has made a difference for us and for the students and families whom she has supported so generously.

We wish Marg well in her retirement and thank her on behalf of everyone at St Albans Secondary College.

Thank you to Elena Macintosh for returning from leave to teach English here for Semester 1.  We are grateful for her expertise and willingness to assist the school, and also wish her well for her travels overseas.

Services to Education

Each year in Education Week, we have a morning tea at which we recognise the years of service given by our teaching and education support staff to the Victorian government education system.

It is an impressive list, with over 530 combined years of service with the Department of Education; and more than 340 with St Albans Secondary College.

The impact that each of these staff has had on the lives of so many young people – on their achievements, aspirations and future pathways – is impossible to overstate.

Whilst the two years of lockdowns highlighted the centrality of schools to strong communities, this is something that each of these staff have always known and valued in the work each day.

On behalf of the School Council, staff and students, congratulations to the following staff on their service to government school education.


NAME DET – Length of Service SASC – Length of Service
VO, Steven 10 Years 10 Years
CASTORINA, Carmel 10 Years 10 Years
LEE, Amy 10 Years 10 Years
WILLIS, Rosalind 10 Years 10 Years
TAYLOR, Fiona 10 Years  
REDDY STRINGER, Ben 10 Years  
LE, Phuc (Kristy) 10 Years  
PANNU, Kirandeep   10 Years
WILKE, Maree 15 Years 15 Years
BRYANT, Louise 15 Years 15 Years
TURNER, Louis 15 Years 15 Years
HONEYCOMBE, Lauren 15 Years 15 Years
CASSAR, Marlene 15 Years 15 Years
LAU, Yan 15 Years  
D’ELTON, Tracey 15 Years  
LAC, Pat 15 Years  
ARMSTRONG, Catherine 20 Years 20 Years
McCALL, Adrian 20 Years  
VLASONJIC, Gloria 20 Years  
SALTON, Bronwyn 20 Years  
NEWSOME, Derek   20 Years
BIONDI, Piera 25 Years  
VIETH, Michelle 25 Years  
JENNINGS, Craig   25 Years
COLERIDGE, Andrea 30 Years 30 Years
ECKEL, John 31 Years 16 Years
MICALLEF, Mark 35 Years 35 Years
GOUGH, Laura 35 Years  
FRASER, Stewart   35 Years
CUNNINGHAM, Cinizia 40 Years 35 Years
DOWSLEY, Kerrie 45 Years  



Multicultural Day

Last week, the Year 12 VCAL class organised a multicultural day for the whole school.  Each small group of 4 students selected a nation, and sold food representing this culture.  There were also performances from different cultural groups, and other activities.  It was a great learning experience for the VCAL students, and a fun and engaging activity for the wider school community.


Year 7 to 11 Semester 1 reports are now available on Compass.  Please contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator if you have any questions.

Year 12 Unit 3 reports will be available in the second week of Term 3.

Year 12 Exams

Year 12 VCE students will sit practice exams during the first and second week of the holidays.  A timetable for these is available on Compass.  All students doing a scored VCE must attend, and those doing an unscored VCE must attend if they are told to by their teachers for authentication purposes.

Year 10 Proactive Programs

The week after their mid year exams finished, Year 10 students took part in three days of proactive programs including participating in exam feedback sessions for all of their subjects; presentations about personal protection and safety, including the dangers of alcohol consumption; mindfulness workshops; sports circuits, and African drumming.  Students also completed the Student Attitudes to School Survey during one of the sessions.  The feedback from students was positive and they participated with enthusiasm in the activities and presentations across the three days.  Thank you to the Wellbeing and Middle Sub School Teams for their work in organising and overseeing this program and to the staff who assisted to run the program with the students.

Work Experience

Year 10 undertook Work Experience from 9 – 17 June. Students secured employment in a wide range of businesses, some local and others in the CBD, with a few travelling quite a distance for their placement.  We know that this experience greatly assists students to develop essential skills linked to time management and independence.

This year we also ran a program at school for those unable to secure a work placement. This involved resume and cover letter writing, investigating a range of careers, Q and A sessions with alumni, and other activities related to work places and securing employment.  Congratulations to the Careers team for creation of the onsite program, and also for the wonderful job they did in supporting the students to find employment and complete their OHS tasks to enable them to participate in a work placement.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our employers for their support for our students; the students for their efforts to gain a work placement; and the staff for supporting the program and visiting students or running the work experience sessions at school.  Thanks, too, to Nicole Gurd for organising the alumni presentations, and the alumni who gave up their time to present to students, answer their questions and provide feedback on their resumes and cover letters.  It was a very worthwhile program for all of Year 10 who took part either in a placement at a workplace or onsite to complete the school based program.


And finally……

Thank you for your support this term – we appreciate it very much.  We hope you enjoy a break from the usual routine over the holidays.  Stay warm and well, and we will see students back at school on Monday 11 July at 8:45am


From the General Office

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General Office Hours 

8:15am to 4:15pm   

Compass Communication

Any important information will be sent to parents and families via the Compass News Feed.  Parents are asked to ensure that they have access to Compass.



General Office Payments

Preferred method of payment for School Events and Curriculum Contributions is via the Compass school management system.  Parents will log in to this system using their allocated unique User ID and a temporary password.  Payments can be made through the Action Centre from the home screen.  Please contact the General Office on 9366 2555 should you need further information. 





ID Cards

Students are reminded that they require their ID cards with them when they present to the front office.

Student Lunches at the General Office

Families are advised that the General Office is unable to accept lunches for student collection.  Please discuss and prepare for a different course of action with your child, should they forget to bring their lunch to school.

College Expectations 

Attendance, Uniform, Punctuality  

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from parents to make sure that your child attends school regularly and punctually, is in full uniform, and is well prepared for all classes with books and equipment.


Students must have a minimum of 90% attendance in all classes at each year level.


Full uniform must be worn to and from school, at school and on all school excursions, including interschool sports.


Students are expected to be punctual at the start of each day and for all classes. Any student who is late more than 4 times will have a Friday detention from 3:20pm to 5:20pm. 

Sustainable School Shop

The Sustainable School Shop website is available to purchase and/or sell second-hand uniforms and used textbooks.

 Parents can log in or register at any time at

When selling items, click the Sell Uniforms button and follow the prompts. Assistance is given to construct your “For Sale” ads including a pricing guide.

To see the ads for items currently on sale or to obtain the seller details, you will need to log-in to the Sustainable School Shop website, click the blue Stocktake button and then click the item you need. Buyers contact the seller directly.

 Sellers are asked to delist For Sale Ads as items sell.

Student Absence 

Parents and guardians are now able to leave student absence messages directly with the relevant Sub School.

Follow the telephone prompts to be connected to the Sub School needed.

  • Wait for the beep before leaving a message
  • State who you are, eg:  I am the parent of ……..  and clearly state your child’s name and home group
  • Clearly state the reason for your child’s absence and how long they will be absent for

Please ensure that your message is audible (not on speaker phone) and there is no background noise.  

Camps, Sports, Events Fund (CSEF)

Parents with a valid Health Care Card may be eligible to apply for the CSEF.  The CSEF is a yearly payment for each child in the family attending our College.  This payment is to assist with the cost of Camps, Sports and Excursions for your child to attend.  Applications for CSEF close on 22 June, 2022 and forms can be downloaded from our College website or obtained from reception.

State School Relief (SSR)

Should you have a valid Health Care Card and require assistance to purchase school uniform and/or school shoes; you may be eligible for SSR. Health Care Card holders with students enrolled in the VCAL program may also be eligible for assistance with the purchase of personal protective gear. Please enquire at the General Office.


Important Dates & Calendar

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Thursday, 23 June 2022

08:55AM – 03:10PM Year 7 to 11 Semester 1 Reports available on Compass

08:55AM – 03:10PM WMR Year 8 Boys & Girls Badminton (Truganina)

09:45AM – 10:35AM Year 7 Assembly

11:00AM – 11:50AM Year 8 Assembly

11:50AM – 12:40PM Year 9 Assembly

01:30PM – 02:20PM Year 10 Assembly

Friday, 24 June 2022

Last Day of Term 2 – Students Dismissed at 2:30PM

Saturday, 25 June 2022

11:00AM – 04:00PM MAC Rehearsals

Monday, 11 July 2022

Term 3 Begins

Year 9 – Semester 2 Begins

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

08:00AM – 03:10PM Year 7G Strathbogie Camp

08:45AM – 03:10PM Units 1 & 2 Biology Excursion (University of Melbourne)

08:55AM – 03:10PM Year 9 Pre-Course Selection (Session 1)

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

08:00AM – 03:10PM Year 7G Strathbogie Camp

11:50AM – 12:40PM Chill Skills

01:30PM – 03:10PM Year 10 VCE/VCAL 100 Days of Success

Thursday, 14 July 2022

08:00AM – 03:10PM Year 7G Strathbogie Camp

08:55AM – 03:10PM Year 9 Pre-Course Selection (Session 2)

Friday, 15 July 2022

All Day – Curriculum Day

09:00AM – 03:00PM Year 11 & 12 NGV Tops Arts Excursion

Monday, 18 July 2022

09:00AM – 03:10PM  Year Level Assemblies  (Yrs 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12)

01:30PM – 03:10PM Year 11 VCAL CHASE Education (Workshop 5)

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

11:00AM – 03:10PM Year 10 Pre Course Selection

05:45PM – 06:30PM Year 10 Parent Information Evening

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

08:45AM – 03:10PM Year 8E Strathbogie Camp

02:20PM – 03:10PM Chill Skills

Thursday, 21 July 2022

08:45AM – 03:10PM Year 8E Strathbogie Camp

08:45AM – 03:10PM Units 1 & 2 Biology Excursion (University of Melbourne)

08:55AM – 03:10PM Indigenous STEM Program (8B & 8J)

08:55AM – 03:30PM Year 11 History Excursion (The Shrine)

08:55AM – 03:10PM Year 9 Proactive Program Day

Friday, 22 July 2022

08:45AM – 03:10PM Year 8E Strathbogie Camp

08:55AM – 03:10PM Indigenous STEM Program (8A & 8L)

08:55AM – 03:10PM Social Explorers (Federation Square)

Monday, 25 July 2022

11:30AM – 12:40PM Year 7 Anti Bullying Program (The Hurting Game)

01:30PM – 03:10PM Year 7 Anti Bullying Program (The Hurting Game)

03:10PM – 08:30PM Interschool Debating

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

08:55AM – 01:05PM Interact Club Working Bee

08:55AM – 03:10PM WMR Senior Boys & Girls Badminton (Truganina)

09:00AM – 03:10PM Year 11 into Year 12 Course Selection Day

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

08:45AM – 03:10PM Year 7K Strathbogie Camp

08:55AM – 03:10PM WMR Inter Girls Badminton (Truganina)

09:45AM – 10:35AM Chill Skills

11:00AM – 01:30PM Junior Sub School Anti Bullying Session

03:15PM – 04:30PM Year 12 Tertiary Information Session 

Thursday, 28 July 2022

08:45AM – 03:10PM Year 7K Strathbogie Camp

09:00AM – 03:10PM Year 10 into Year 11 Course Selection Day

11:00AM – 01:30PM Junior Sub School Anti Bullying Session

11:00AM – 12:40PM Year 8 Anti Bullying Program (The Hurting Game)

01:30PM – 03:10PM Year 8 Anti Bullying Program (The Hurting Game)

Friday, 29 July 2022

08:45AM – 03:10PM Year 7K Strathbogie Camp

Monday, 1 August 2022

09:15AM – 03:30PM VTAC Open for Year 12 Tertiary Application Appointments

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

09:00AM – 03:10PM Year 9 into Year 10 Course Selection Day

Wednesday, 3 August 2022

08:55AM – 03:10PM Year 9 Proactive Program Day

09:15AM – 03:30PM VTAC Open for Year 12 Tertiary Application Appointments

11:00AM – 11:50AM Chill Skills

Thursday, 4 August 2022

09:15AM – 03:30PM VTAC Open for Year 12 Tertiary Application Appointments

Friday, 5 August 2022

09:15AM – 03:30PM VTAC Open for Year 12 Tertiary Application Appointments

08:55AM – 03:10PM  Athletics Carnival Years 7 – 10 







Junior School Report

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Students in the Junior School have been busy during Term 2.  



Students in Year 7 participated in NAPLAN testing during weeks 3 and 4 of the term.  After some difficulties over the last 2 years resulting from the Covid pandemic, it was helpful to finally have the students back on-site to complete this process.  NAPLAN is designed to demonstrate key aspects of literacy and numeracy and draws upon all strands of English and Mathematics. The results of NAPLAN will be conveyed to families as well as informing teaching strategies here at school.


Vaping Pro-Active Program

The school health promotion nurse conducted informative workshops for Year 7 and Year 8 students regarding vaping.  We understand that a number of students have engaged in this relatively new form of tobacco consumption.  The workshops were educational and were designed to show the health implications of this practice.



The camps program has been on-going.  Despite a record cold start for winter, the year 7 students continue to enjoy the chance to head up to Strathbogie for 3 days.  Activities on camp have included bushwalking, archery and swimming at the Benalla pool.  The students have been cooking for themselves and need to ensure that the camp remains clean and tidy.  Groups have been lucky to sight kangaroos, wombats and even the resident koala.  



Students are to be congratulated on the work that they have achieved this semester.  Whilst it has been a relief to be back on site for the whole Semester, there have been high rates of absence due to illness.  Despite this, some terrific work has been produced and our students are thriving.  Semester One reports will be available on Compass on 24 June.  


Gratitude Wall

As part of promoting and making links to the school’s Term 2 theme of Kindness, the year 7 and 8 students created a Gratitude Wall that expressed the aspects in their lives that they are grateful for. Many were very thankful for their friends at school and  their families that care for them at home. Some were a little more pragmatic in their gratitude as they were thankful for the new Samsung air purifiers in the rooms and others noted the food in the canteen. The students’ responses have highlighted the tremendous daily supports that we all have around us  on a daily basis. We would also like to add that as the Junior sub-school coordinators, we are appreciative of the wonderful students we are able to learn and grow with every day.


Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader


Middle School Report

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Over the last few weeks, students in both Year 9 and Year 10 have completed semester tests and exams. Students should be congratulated on how well they conducted themselves during the exam period, especially the Yr 10s who had to navigate changes to their usual school day and timetables.


Proactive Programs Days

From Monday 6th June to Wednesday 8th June, Year 10 students were engaged in a number of activities linked to our College values and focus on building connections for students in a respectful and protective manner.

Students spent the first day of the week reviewing their recent exam performance, reviewing aspects of the exams and setting personalised targets for future learning. Thank you to all the teachers who spent time creating examiner’s reports and summaries for students to refer to.

Over the following two days, students worked with their peers to design a presentation about the importance of resilience, engaged in a trivia quiz to win points for their home group and houses, and were visited by guest speakers. On Tuesday, students were spoken to about the dangers of carrying knives in society and the impact this decision can have. School Nurse, Nadia Diaco, ran informed consent and sexual health talks to one half of the year group whilst the remaining students worked in groups to develop a presentation about resilience. In the afternoon returning guest speaker Sonya from ‘Whole New World’ spoke to the cohort about safe and responsible decision making.

During the third day of proactive programs, students spent time in their home groups and cycled through several different activities. Wellbeing and mindfulness sessions were organised by Rahme Hasan and the wellbeing team, Brendan McFarland ran a series of tableau sports out on the COLA, and the African Drumming group Melbourne Djembe engaged the students in drumming and percussion sessions.

Thank you to the students for their enthusiasm and participation over the course of the days, and to all staff members for their organisation of activities – particularly the Middle Sub School Team.

Key Dates

Monday 20th June – Semester 2 begins for Year 10 students


Becky Annetts – Middle Sub School Leader

The Sharemarket Game


During Semester 1, the Year 10 Personal Financial Management classes participated in the ‘Sharemarket Game’, organised by the Australian Securities Exchange.  The game involves each student being allocated a notional $50,000, which they can invest in shares on the ASX.  They are able to buy, sell and hold shares using real world prices and trading conditions, over a period of several weeks.  Students and teachers are able to monitor their portfolio value and adjust their holdings according to their own trading strategies.  The game has been played for many years, but this is the first time that SASC has participated in an organised manner.

There were over 19,000 players in the game, and Jennifer Ngo of 10A came sixth in Australia and first in Victoria.  This is an outstanding result.  Whilst the sharemarket performed poorly over the duration of the game, Jennifer finished with a portfolio value of over $57,000, capital gain of $7,000.  Not bad for a few weeks of trading.  Jennifer’s strategy involved considering the impact of global events on listed companies and then closely monitoring the shares and increasing her cash holding as the market deteriorated.  Jennifer won a certificate, a copy of the book ‘Getting Started Investing’ and a cash prize.

Personal Financial Management students will be playing the game again in second semester.  


Craig Moore – Commerce Teacher

Senior School Report

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Semester Two commenced for all VCE and VCAL students on Monday 6th of June 2022 and students are now completing a Unit 2 or Unit 4 study.

On Friday 10th of June, Year 12 VCE students attended their first mid-year exam for English/EAL. This exam was supervised, and is in the process of being marked, by external assessors. The rest of the mid-year exams will be held during the holidays from Tuesday 30th of June to Tuesday 5th of July. Attendance at the mid-year exams is compulsory and students have been given plenty of notice so they can attend. The mid-year exams assists students to develop their confidence in answering exam questions, highlights their strengths and gaps in their understanding, provides familiarity with the exam structure and helps to reduce anxiety. The mid-year exams are invaluable practice and preparation for the VCAA end-of-year exams.

The Year 11 Unit 1 end-of-semester reports will be available to parents on the parent portal from Thursday 23rd of June 2022, and Year 12 Unit 3 end-of-semester reports will be available in Week 2 of Term 3. Year Level Coordinators will be contacting families if they have any concerns regarding your child’s progress. It is also a good opportunity to speak to your child about their progress, goals and future pathway.

Next term, the Year 11 students will be celebrating “100 Days of Success”, which will be held in the Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday 13th of July 2022. Students will be treated to musical performances, a special guest performance and light refreshments. On Tuesday 26th of July 2022, Year 11 students will be choosing their Year 12 subjects. We suggest that students select their subject carefully and are realistic about their choices. Please keep in mind that once students start in Year 12, it will difficult to change a subject or unit of study.

All Year 12 students will be attending a Tertiary Information Session (TIS) which covers VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre). This will outline the tertiary application process, how students apply for further education and training and how they may receive assistance throughout the process. Further information on when this will occur will be communicated to students in due course. Year 12 students will also be treated to a motivational lunch on Wednesday the 10th of August 2022.

The VCAL students are still working with our community and are thoroughly enjoying their work on their complex projects.

The Year 11 VCAL students are completing the Education Phase of their Chase program and will begin the next step with the Action Phase. The Action Phase enables students to implement their knowledge and skills into projects that will improve health in the school or within their community. These projects may include implementing healthy foods in the canteen, petitioning to local council members about improving bike paths or developing lunchtime running groups. The projects will be facilitated by the mentors and driven by the students.



The Year 12 VCAL students ran a successful Multicultural Day event and have started work on their second complex project. The students have continued their partnership with Western Health to improve the facilities in the Rehabilitation Ward of Sunshine Hospital.

Finally, we would like to thank parents who contact us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators, as we call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences. The Case Management process continues to monitor closely the attendance, achievement and individual needs of all our students.

Please contact us on 9366 2555 if you have any queries or concerns about your child. 




Marlene Cassar – Senior Sub School Leader



New Staff at St Albans Secondary College

New Staff at St Albans Secondary College
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 Nicole Haddad


Hey there, St Albans Secondary – staff, students and parents! 

My name is Nicole and I am absolutely enthralled to join the English teaching team at SASC! I have been teaching for 3 years, and I teach, research and present ideas about English, Literature, and the Arts.

Outside of teaching, I am an artist and a writer. In terms of Art, you’ll usually find me sketching or painting. Within writing, I am working on a few fiction pieces that I hope to publish, and whenever I find myself feeling a lot I express myself with poetry.

I am a huge lover of nature, and you’ll probably see me reading a lot – I’m currently reading 24 books at the same time. Feel free to have a chat with me about anything from philosophical ideas to hommus – life is but a frolicking within engaging conversations.




Krizza Salugsugan

Hello, I am Krizza, and I am beyond honored to be a part of the St. Albans Secondary College Wellbeing Team. I am an international student intending to finish my Master of Social Work degree this August, and I have done my placement here at SASC the previous term.

In my home country, I was a practicing Psychology professional who handled psychological assessments and counseling. I am looking forward to taking up to a new challenge as an emerging social worker.

I enjoy reading books and cooking meals for my loved ones. I love going to libraries and having some quiet time as well.

I am extremely excited to be working with you all as an official member of SASC.




Careers Team

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Victoria’s Senior Secondary Education is Changing

From 2023, the new VCE Vocational Major will replace Intermediate and Senior VCAL. This means the VCE will recognise different students equally.

The new Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) will replace Foundation VCAL.

Students will have more education choices, a higher-quality curriculum and better workplace experiences – preparing them for further study, training at TAFE or work.

From 2023, more students will study the VCE. That is because the VCE will include the Vocational Major, a 2-year program that sits within the VCE. There will also be the Victorian Pathways Certificate for those who need flexibility in their learning.

A new information and awareness campaign, Many Talents, One VCE will roll out explaining the changes.

The changes are a result of the  (the Firth review). The review found we needed to improve vocational learning in schools.

Schools currently offering VCAL will switch to the VCE Vocational Major from 2023.

Teachers and careers counsellors are available to answer questions and to support students as they make decisions about their final years at school.

For more information, go to

Year 10 – Work Experience

Work Experience was regretfully cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to pandemic lockdowns. It made its welcome return in 2022, however, it was more difficult for some students to access due to vaccination rules in the workforce and some employers being overly cautious and not offering placements.

This meant we had to run a Career Education Program onsite at the school for those who didn’t secure a work place by the (extended) deadline. Students were taken through lessons that included Resume and Cover Letter preparation, Rights & Responsibilities and Virtual Work Experience. Some of our wonderful Alumni team presented on Tuesday to the group and students were able to ask them questions.

Of the 200+ students that found a placement, they experienced a wide variation of work types. Some students approached the experience in the hope they would secure a part time or casual job offer (and some did at Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse and Mad Mex to name a few) and others wished to explore an industry they may be interested in studying and/or working in in the future.





Cathy Armstrong – Careers Program Coordinator



Year 12 Food Studies

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Hello Fresh

This term, the Year 12 Food Studies class has been studying food trends that influence and affect food choice, health & wellbeing. As part of the course, students had the opportunity to experience the convenience and ease of cooking with pre-prepared meal kits. The meal kit service sector is a huge growth area within the food industry, mainly due to the consumers’ request for more convenience. As part of the practical, students were able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using such kits, weighing up factors such as quality, convenience and price.

The students had a great time cooking and experiencing something new.





Julie Panayiotou – House Program Coordinator



Sports Faculty

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Keilor Division Yr 7 & 8 – Boys & Girls Badminton

Congratulations to our Year 7 Boys, Year 7 Girls and Year 8 Boys badminton teams for their successes on the day of the Keilor Division Badminton tournament.

On Thursday 26 May, 22 of our students were selected to represent the Year 7 and Year 8 Boys and Girls Badminton teams to participate in the Keilor Division for Badminton at Altona Badminton Centre.

The four teams played four single and two double games of 21 points against many other schools in the area.

The year 7 Boys competed against Kings Park, Gilson and Keilor Downs College. The year 7 team defeated these schools convincingly and was qualified to be in the Western Metropolitan Region (WMR) tournament on Thursday 23 June.


The Year 7 Girls played against Kings Park and Springside West Secondary College. They played magnificently and won every single game on the day. With that result, they were also qualified to be in the Western Metropolitan Region (WMR) tournament on Thursday 23 June.

The Year 8 Girls were facing a challenging tournament with a number of schools participated in the Division. They played against Deer Park, Kings Park, Sunshine, Gilson and Keilor Downs College. Our Year 8 Girls played confidently and displayed the great sportsmanship throughout the whole day. However, they failed to secure the top spot to be in the Western Metropolitan Region (WMR) tournament.


The Year 8 Boys competed against Deer Park, Kings Park, Gilson and Keilor Downs, Springside West, Sydenham and Sunshine College. The Year 8 team managed to come first in their pool to play in the final game to be qualified for the Western Metropolitan Region (WMR) tournament on Wednesday 22, June.

The teams that are qualified for the Western Metropolitan Region tournament will continue with their training within the next three weeks. With their determination and regular training, they should have a successful day at their tournament.

Team Members

Year 7 Boys Year 7 Girls Year 8 Boys Year 8 Girls
Eric LA Lyna NGUYEN Andrew NGUYEN Angela Vu
Devesh PURANG Khanh Ngoc NGUYEN Richard TO Kim Ton
Alvin YE Vu Phuong Anh HOANG Nhat Huy VO  



Pat Lac – Badminton Coach

Music Faculty

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Genesis – Battle of the Bands

Carnation, SASC’s first all-female rock band made their debut external performance at the Gensis battle of the bands on concert on 1/6/22 at Craigieburn Secondary College. Stephanie, Lina, Shahed and Nirvana represented SASC by rocking the audience with their rendition of Muse’s Super Massive Black Hole and received a massive applause for their performance.


Wellbeing Team

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Wellbeing Support over the Holidays

As the end of Term 2 approaches, I would like to share with you some resources available over the school holidays to support mental health and well being.

The holidays can be a good time to take action to support positive mental health by;

  • getting enough rest
  • connecting with friends, family or other important people in your life
  • making time to do the things you enjoy

There may also be times where you, or some you know needs additional help.  There are a number of services that continue throughout school holidays.  Attached is a resource with information on the services that are easy to access while not at school.

If you need this information in a language other than English, please visit

Have a great break and we look forward to seeing you all in Term 3.


Anne Ingram – Mental Health Practioner 



Students Wellbeing Support

Student Wellbeing Support School Holidays – Parents/Carers




Year 9 Advance Program

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The ADVANCE class has completed their First Aid Training and have been preparing for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Adventurous Practice Journey.

First Aid Training

On Wednesday the 25th of May, the Year 9 ADVANCE class completed First Aid training with Darren Schreck, a first aid educator. The activities were interactive and informative and covered emergency response actions, anaphylaxis, asthma, strokes, injuries and insect/snake bites. They practiced using a defibrillators and their CPR skills.

All students received a First Aid Certificate to be able to:

–   Provide basic emergency life support
–   Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation 

Here are some pictures of the ADVANCE class during the training:










Duke of Edinburgh’s Adventurous Practice Journey- The ADVANCE class has been so excited for this upcoming camp and although it is only for 2 days, it will be our first outdoor experience. We have prepared in groups to cook food on the trangia and we had a practice cook to learn how to use it. At the camp, there sounds like there is a lot to do, going for a hike and since we will be able to use the HQ camp, we can play on courts and be within cabins. Recently, we had learnt more about Riddells Creek, about the area, how to pack, food and general information about it to help us get ready!  – Kayla 9C


The Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award

Advance is a program that encourages participants to be actively involved in the local community and complete recognised  training.  As part of this exciting program students complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Dukes Award).  The Dukes Award has four sections: Community Service, Skills, Physical Recreation & Adventurous Journey.

The Advance class has participated in a range of activities including; Lady Northcote Recreation Camp, Clean Up Australia Day & North West Communities for Climate Action School Summit.





Jennifer Papagianopoulos – Advance Program Coordinator

Holiday Programs

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Envision – Creative Arts Holiday Program



The Huddle Holiday Program  Junior and Senior

(North Melbourne Football Club)

Huddle Holidays is a FREE, eight-day school holiday program that services 8–18-year-olds with a particular focus on ensuring young people learn, grow and belong. The Winter Huddle Holiday Program is jam-packed with fun activities such as ice skating, an ‘Amazing Race’ style marathon, a basketball slam for all seniors, and a trip to Lake Mountain Alpine Resort. Young people should get in quick to register their interest for any of these activities. Catering and transport provided. Please reach out to for more info
Sign up for junior activities here (8-12 year olds)
Sign up for senior activities here (13-18 year olds)




Melbourne Victory Football Club 


Melbourne Victory’s free Holiday Program for secondary students is back!

Two programs will run in the Winter School Holidays:
27th – 30th June for the South and East Schools
4th – 7th July for the North and West Schools

The Melbourne Victory Autumn Holiday Program will provide secondary school students with the opportunity to engage with Melbourne Victory staff, coaches and players, as well as participate in education, cultural and employment sessions.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills, while also learning and improving their football skills and knowledge through daily training sessions and games.

For more information and registration visit:



On Track


  • Song Writing
    Song writing and music making tap into free flow, find your voice and be the driver of your own music creation.
  • Demo Recording
    Record a music demo of your collaborative group track.  Get involved and learn film making and help create a DIY music film clip
  • Excursion Day
    Immerse yourself in the Van Gogh Alive Experience at The Lume & The Australian Music Vault
  • Performance
    Take to the stage to perform your very own original song

PLUS HEAPS of prizes up for grabs EVERYDAY including music gear and merch!




Community News

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Bowery Theatre

Looking for some winter fun (and some LOLs) for the whole family this school holidays? Come along to a bonkers sketch comedy extravaganza of epic proportions. Jam packed with magically stupid stuff like a burpershop quartet and the kind of madness that only the award-winning maestros of kidault comedy can make.


ROLF (Rolling On the Floor Laughing)

By The Listies

Date: Saturday 25 June at 3pm

Duration: 60 mins

Location: Bowery Theatre, 33 Princess Street, St Albans


Recommended for all the family and for children ages 4+

Book your ticket at:  

Adult: $18    |    Child / Concession: $12   |   Family (2 children & 2 adults): $35


Footscray Lacrosse Club – Recruiting





St Albans Football Club – Recruiting


The St Albans Football Club is a proud community football club located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and based at Errington Reserve St Albans and Kings Park Reserve, Gillespie Road St Albans. 

In addition to its core football roots, St Albans Football Club presents an open accessible face, welcoming members and guests into its sporting and social programs from the broad spectrum of cultures within its melting pot suburb.

Our “Vision” is to be the sporting club of choice for our community, encouraging all to participate with no barriers to entry and success.









Albion Football Club – Recruiting