Careers Fast Track

Students continue with their Personal Learning and Career Pathway Plan by building on their goals and strategies from the Action Plan created in year 9.

Holland Self-Directed Search Assessment Booklet

The Holland Self-Directed Search Assessment booklet is a guide to educational and career pathway training. Students complete the booklet to help them learn more about themselves and their career/life choices. The booklet provides students with an opportunity to research career choices/occupations that they may wish to consider.

Students complete a series of questionnaires about their likes/dislikes; opinions on certain occupations; competencies – what they are good/not good at; and how they think they compare with their peers in certain areas. They also complete an Occupational Daydreams list of jobs they would love to aim for.

The result of the questionnaire is a career summary code. They are then able to explore career choices and dream jobs listed with the same code. As part of this exercise, students also research what pathway (such as tertiary education or apprenticeship) they need to complete to reach their goals, and what subjects they need to take to enable entry to that pathway.

Work Experience

All year 10 students attend two weeks work experience at the end of Term 2. They can choose to go to one or two employers. We urge students to look for work experience in their career interest area/s in order to gain some insight into that working environment. This program is directly linked to their year 10 English outcome – Communication in a Community Setting.

Course Counselling

Students combine their Personal Learning and Career Pathway Plan and their Holland Test Booklet with a Career Goals Job Exploration and Pre-counselling Assignment to further consolidate their pathway, and select subjects heading into VCE or VCAL.

Parents are most welcome to attend the individual student interviews as they select subjects.

MIPs Interviews

Individual pathway interviews are conducted, upon request, for students at risk of early exit or disengagement.