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From the Principal Class Team

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End of Term 1

After a very busy term, we have quickly come to the end. We would like to thank everyone for there hard work and support. It has been a successful term, with lots of activities, excursions and of course learning. We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter holiday, and enjoy your Term 1 break for those having some time off.

Grade 6 Night

We recently held our information night for prospective students in Year 7 2025. We had a great turnout, and the presentations provided were high quality. Thanks to Ms Honeycombe and Mr Brown for their organisation of the evening, and to all the Learning Area Leaders and other leaders for their time and effort in supporting the evening.

School for Student Leadership

This term we have had 6 students attend the School for Student Leadership, at the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus near Warrnambool.

The students who attended were:

  •  Daniel Bobadilla 9A
  •  John Nguyen 9E
  •  Alvin Ye 9E
  •  Delphi-Zeng Lagas 9I
  • Sally Wang 9I
  • Steven Lam 9L

Last Friday were able to visit the students at the Campus, hear what they have been doing, and listen to the presentation about the projects they will complete on their return. Congratulations to these students on representing the College so well, and thanks to Mr Adams for his support and leadership of the program.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent teacher interviews were held on Wednesday 27 March.  We thank all those parents and guardians who took the opportunity to meet teachers to discuss their child’s progress. The conversations are always useful for all involved and assist us to provide the best outcomes for students as well as providing a forum for parents to meet all their child’s teachers.  Please contact your child’s Year Level Coordinator if you were unable to attend and would like some feedback on your child’s progress.

Swimming Carnival

All Year 7 to 9 and selected Year 10 students travelled to Oak Park Aquatic Centre on Tuesday 5 March for our annual Swimming Carnival.  It was a wonderful day, both weatherwise and in terms of the enthusiasm of both staff and students. Many students made use of the giant waterslide and took part in volleyball, badminton and other activities run to win house points throughout the day.  You can read more about the Swimming Carnival later in this newsletter.

The final points for each house were:    


Well done to all participants, and to Rosewall House for being named the overall winner. Thanks to Mr Dang, the Physical Education staff, House Leaders and all the staff who attended and helped plan this event.

Western Chances Scholarship Award Ceremony

A number of our scholarship recipients participated in the Western Chances Scholarship Award Ceremony held at the Edge in Federation Square on 13 March where they were presented with their scholarship certificates.  This was an event to celebrate and support this year’s recipients and alumni.  Western Chances is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support to students in the western suburbs of Melbourne to complete their education journey from school to further education and training.  The support includes both financial support and connection to opportunities provided by the very broad network within the Western Chances community.  As expressed by the scholarship recipients themselves, this support helps them to build their self-confidence and relieves the financial barriers to completing their education.

We were delighted that the winner of the Helen Worladge Award for long term support of Western Chances, by nominating many students over an extended period, was our own Marion Mortimor. Marion has nominated students since 2006 and is dedicated to ensuring all students have access to a range of opportunities. She is the Coordinator of our Scholarship Program and puts in a huge effort to achieve the best outcomes for our students.  Marion spoke of the joy she gets out of seeing students succeed and grow and have opportunities to thrive in their education. Thank you to Marion and Myers Nguyen who accompanied students and families to the event.  Myers is a Western Chances alumni from our school and is now a staff nominator so he has come full circle within the Western Chances community. Please take a look at the photos and more detailed information later in this newsletter.


Interact Club

The Interact Club is well underway for 2024 with more than 50 students attending the most recent club meeting which Yvonne Osborne from our local Rotary also attended.

During this meeting the club president, Minhthu Huynh, was presented with her Chain of office, as seen below.


We look forward to hearing how the Club goes with their fundraising to assist Rotary equip the schools they are building in East Timor with the provision of stationary being the focus for our support in this project.


Wishing all our school community a happy and safe Easter and an enjoyable term holiday.





From the General Office

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General Office Hours 

8:15am to 4:15pm   

Compass Communication

Any important information will be sent to parents and families via the Compass News Feed.  Parents are asked to ensure that they have access to Compass.



General Office Payments

Preferred method of payment for School Events and Curriculum Contributions is via the Compass school management system.  Parents will log in to this system using their allocated unique User ID and a temporary password.  Payments can be made through the Action Centre from the home screen.  Please contact the General Office on 9366 2555 should you need further information. 





ID Cards

Students are reminded that they require their ID cards with them when they present to the front office.

Lost or Damaged Id Cards

All students at the school will be provided with a student id card following school photo day,  However, if your child has lost or damaged their student id card, you are able to order and pay for a replacement card by logging into your Compass portal. 

To order a replacement CompassIdentity card (for students during the school year), log on to your Compass Account and:

  • go the ‘Organisation’ menu (grid icon)
  • select ‘Identity Cards’.
  • in the ‘Orders’ section, click ‘Individual Orders’.
  • complete the details to order the card

A payment will be required when placing your order.

When the card arrives, it will need to be activated.  Follow the steps below to activiate the card.

  • go the ‘Organisation’ menu (grid icon)
  • select ‘Identity Cards’
  • click on ‘Individual Activation’
  • complete the information on the screen to activate the card.

The office will no longer be taking payment for replacement cards.  Please contact the office on 9366 2555 if you have any queries.

Student Lunches at the General Office

Families are advised that the General Office is unable to accept lunches for student collection.  Please discuss and prepare for a different course of action with your child, should they forget to bring their lunch to school.

If your child has forgotten their lunch at home, parents can leave money in an envelope for their student to collect at the office.  The canteen has an array of choices for your child to purchase their lunch.

College Expectations 

Attendance, Uniform, Punctuality  

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from parents to make sure that your child attends school regularly and punctually, is in full uniform, and is well prepared for all classes with books and equipment.


Students must have a minimum of 90% attendance in all classes at each year level.


Full uniform must be worn to and from school, at school and on all school excursions, including interschool sports.


Students are expected to be punctual at the start of each day and for all classes. Any student who is late more than 4 times will have a Friday detention from 3:20pm to 5:20pm. 

Sustainable School Shop

The Sustainable School Shop website is available to purchase and/or sell second-hand uniforms and used textbooks.

 Parents can log in or register at any time at

When selling items, click the Sell Uniforms button and follow the prompts. Assistance is given to construct your “For Sale” ads including a pricing guide.

To see the ads for items currently on sale or to obtain the seller details, you will need to log-in to the Sustainable School Shop website, click the blue Stocktake button and then click the item you need. Buyers contact the seller directly.

 Sellers are asked to delist For Sale Ads as items sell.

Student Absence 

Parents and guardians are now able to leave student absence messages directly with the relevant Sub School.

Follow the telephone prompts to be connected to the Sub School needed.

  • Wait for the beep before leaving a message
  • State who you are, eg:  I am the parent of ……..  and clearly state your child’s name and home group
  • Clearly state the reason for your child’s absence and how long they will be absent for

Please ensure that your message is audible (not on speaker phone) and there is no background noise.  

Camps, Sports, Events Fund (CSEF)

Parents with a valid Health Care Card may be eligible to apply for the CSEF.  The CSEF is a yearly payment for each child in the family attending our College.  This payment is to assist with the cost of Camps, Sports and Excursions for your child to attend.  Applications for 2024 are now open.  Click here to access the 2024 CSEF application from.  The form will need to be printed, completed, and returned to the school.

State School Relief (SSR)

Should you have a valid Health Care Card and require assistance to purchase school uniform and/or school shoes; you may be eligible for SSR. Health Care Card holders with students enrolled in the VCAL program may also be eligible for assistance with the purchase of personal protective gear. Please enquire at the General Office.


Important Dates & Calendar

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Monday, 25 March 2024

All Day Yr 7 & Yr 9 NAPLAN

01:00PM – 03:10PM Yr 11 & Yr 12 Soccer Challenge

03:30PM – 04:30PM Yr 12 Psychology Test (B1)

Tuesday, 26 March 2024

08:00AM – 03:10PM Inter Boys & girls Volleyball

09:45AM – 10:35AM Yr 7, 8 & 9 CPR Ambassador Program

02:20PM – 03:10PM Group Based Tibetan Art

Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Parent Teacher Interviews (Student Free Day)

08:00AM – 03:30PM WMR Swimming Championships

Thursday, 28 March 2024

End of Term 1 – Dismissal 2:30PM

12:40PM – 01:30PM Staff Vs Students – Volleyball

Friday, 29 March 2024

Good Friday – Public Holiday

Monday, 15 April 2024

Term 2 Begins

Tuesday, 16 April 2024

08:15AM – 04:30PM Yr 10 Geography – Torquay Costal Fieldwork

08:45AM – 09:45AM Yr 9 Morrisby Careers Program Student Counselling Sessions

Wednesday, 17 April 2024

08:45AM – 09:45AM Yr 9 Morrisby Careers Program Student Counselling Sessions

08:45AM – 03:10PM Yr 7E Strathbogie Camp

08:55AM – 03:10PM Yr 12 RSPCA Education & Training Program

Thursday, 18 April 2024

08:45AM – 09:45AM Yr 9 Morrisby Careers Program Student Counselling Sessions

08:45AM – 03:10PM Yr 7E Strathbogie Camp

08:30AM – 03:10PM Yr 11 Melbourne Zoo Field Trip

08:45AM – 03:30PM Yr 10 History Melbourne Holocaust Museum

Friday, 19 April 2024

08:00AM – 05:00PM Yr 10 History Melbourne Holocaust Museum

08:45AM – 09:45AM Yr 9 Morrisby Careers Program Student Counselling Sessions

08:45AM – 03:10PM Yr 7E Strathbogie Camp

Monday, 22 April 2024

08:30AM – 03:30PM Yr 9 Shrine of Rememberance & Eureka Tower

08:35AM – 03:10PM Intermediate Boys & Girls Badminton

08:35AM – 03:10PM Senior Boys & Girls Badminton

08:45AM – 03:10PM Yr 7K Strathbogie Camp

08:45AM – 09:45AM Yr 9 Morrisby Careers Program Student Counselling Sessions

11:50AM – 12:40PM Yr 10 & 11 CPR Ambassador Program

03:10PM – 04:30PM Debating (St Bernards College)

03:15PM – 09:15PM Yr 9-12 Debating

Tuesday, 23 April 2024

08:45AM – 09:45AM Yr 9 Morrisby Careers Program Student Counselling Sessions

08:45AM – 03:10PM Yr 7K Strathbogie Camp

11:00AM – 11:50AM Yr 7,8 & 9 CPR Ambassador Program

Wednesday, 24 April 2024

08:45AM – 09:45AM Yr 9 Morrisby Careers Program Student Counselling Sessions

08:45AM – 03:10PM Yr 7K Strathbogie Camp

11:00AM – 12:30PM ANZAC Service

Thursday, 25 April 2024

ANZAC Day Public Holiday

Friday, 26 April 2024

08:45AM – 09:45AM Yr 9 Morrisby Careers Program Student Counselling Sessions

Tuesday, 30 April 2024

All Day Grade 6 Taster Day

All Day Yr 10 Meningococcal Immunisation

08:30AM – 03:00PM Yr 8 Melbourne Museum / IMAX

Wednesday, 1 May 2024

08:30AM – 03:00PM Forensic Science GTAC

12:40PM – 01:30PM VCE VM Lunchtime Activities – Harmony Day

Thursday, 2 May 2024

All Day Grade 6 Taster Day

08:45AM – 03:00PM Yr 7 Science Zoo Excursion

Friday, 3 May 2024

08:35AM – 03:10PM 7I Strathbogie Camp

09:00AM – 03:30PM Yr 11 Lady Northcote Team Building Day


Junior School Report

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The Junior School students finished the term with a flourish.  Most notably the Junior School students participated in the Swimming Carnival on 5 March.  Students competed in a range of events throughout the day, with the stronger swimmers progressing through to a higher level of competition.  Throughout the day a range of other non-competitive activities were also available.  This included volleyball, pool volleyball and of course some time on the ever popular waterslides.  Luckily we had perfect weather for the whole day.  It was fantastic to see so many students engaged in competitive and non-competitive activities throughout the day.  The behaviour was impeccable, both at the pool and on the buses to and from the venue.  The pool surrounds were left in spotless condition.  It was a very successful day.

Our Year 7 students have been completing the NAPLAN tests during weeks 7 and 8.  These tests form a crucial benchmark for the assessment of our students and informs the strategies that are put in place to support them.

There are several exciting excursions coming up in week 3 of Term 2.  The Year 8 students will be going to IMAX and the Museum whilst the Year 7 are going to Melbourne Zoo.  Please look out for permission details on Compass over the coming weeks.

Term 1 Progress Reports were released on Compass during week 8 of term.  Please take the time to review the reports, together with your students. 

Thank you to all those parents, carers and guardians who attended the Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences on 27 March.  This is a vital opportunity to receive direct feedback on the progress of your students from their teachers.  It is also nice to be able to put faces to the names that you have been hearing all year.  Please look out for details of the Term 3 conferences.


Mr Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader

Middle School Report

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As Term 1 draws to a close we have seen some growth in our middle school students. They have embraced our theme of organisation and are starting to take accountability of their own learning. Students have regularly started using their diaries, checking compass and ensuring they are in classes on time. We are thrilled to see this as our students will now start to apply for part time work and this level of organisation is critical for their success.

Many of our middle school students have indicated they have an interest in leadership and the number of applications we received for the Student Representative Council has been larger than in recent years. A big congratulations to all of those who were selected for these positions. I would also like to extend those congratulations to the students who nominated, but were unsuccessful. To put your name forward for a position of leadership is a big step in a student’s development.

The Year 9’s have completed their Morrisby Careers Guidance Counselling assessments and will commence the individual interviews early next term. The cohort have also just completed their NAPLAN testing and we eagerly await their results. A students NAPLAN result is usually a great indicator for their academic success moving forward and helps us better understand their learning needs. Combined with the Morrisby Careers program we will hopefully get an insight in poten

tial careers for our students and help us prepare them as best we can.

The Pat Cronin Foundation also visited our school to present some information on the prevention of violence to our Year 9’s. Resolving conflict through words and the support from adults is the process we want to encourage. The presentation centred around the dangers of the ‘cowards punch’ and the long standing impact these poor choices can have on the aggressor and the victim. The students participated really well and hopefully we see positive decision making moving forward.

As always, we thank you for your support and wish all of our families a safe and enjoyable upcoming school holiday and Easter period.



Mr Owen McIntyre – Middle Sub School Leader

Senior School Report

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Congratulations to all our Senior Sub School students on completing a successful Term 1. We are proud of the dedication and hard work they have put into their studies, and the excellent start to the school year.

We have had quite a few exciting events this term. On Friday 8 March, Mr Bowden and Ms Butler’s VCE Art Making and Exhibiting classes attended the National Gallery of Victoria to visit the Triennial exhibition and the Buxton Gallery to see the Nadine Christensen exhibition. Students used this opportunity to examine how exhibitions are created, and the different curatorial requirements of public galleries.

On 28 February, Ms Hanley and the senior Biology students attended GTAC as part of their Unit 3 studies in applying biotechnologies to produce human insulin. The students conducted a series of experiments to insert a human insulin gene into a plasmid and to transform bacteria. The results were used as part of an assessment task back at school.

Some of our students have been completing subjects through Virtual Schools Victoria. Subjects being studied include Drama, Extended Investigation, Literature and French. These students have been attending seminars and interacting through their virtual classes. They have been working very well independently and have been completing SACs and ATs to a high standard (see report from Daniel Koutras below).

On Friday, March 1 2024, I attended a seminar at the State Library of Victoria as part of my Extended Investigation studies through Virtual School Victoria. Extended Investigation is a Unit 3 and 4 subject that entails a year-long research project for a topic of my choice. It involves reading and gathering relevant primary and secondary sources, creating and implementing methodology, and gathering and analysing data. The final assessment does not include an end-of-year exam like most VCE subjects, instead a 4000 (plus or minus 10 percent) word thesis and a 20-minute oral presentation with question and answer. The cohort is extremely small, with around 250 students in Victoria completing this subject every year. I have decided to attempt to answer the research question ‘In what ways do various elements of popular culture influence viewership of sports in female adolescents?’, and am currently in the process of engaging with literature to guide my research.

The seminar at the State Library of Victoria provided meaningful opportunities to engage with the high-performing achievers of Extended Investigation in the Class of 2023, as well as receiving advice on how to approach research from an alumnus alongside the presenters. The high-performing students demonstrated examples of intricate and sophisticated research, and the final product of the oral presentation was demonstrated through engaging communication skills and a thorough understanding of the topic they were presenting. The seminar was an opportunity to gain a meaningful insight into the commitment that is needed to persevere through this relatively self-motivated subject, and how each element of research intertwines with one another.

Extended Investigation has also allowed me to improve my time management skills, as there is only one virtual class per week for the subject, with work to be completed and submitted weekly. The teacher support at Virtual School Victoria is amazing, with email communication being replied to swiftly as well as additional virtual meet-ups being arranged when needed. In the past five weeks, the subject has allowed me to develop my academic writing skills to a more elaborate level, delicately choose and analyse sources of information, and expand my vocabulary significantly. I would like to thank Ms Marlene Cassar who has assisted me in the process of applying for the subject and the large amount of paperwork that entails the registration, alongside vice principal Mr John Coulson who approved the opportunity for me to study this subject at Virtual School Victoria. – Daniel Koutras Class of ’21

The senior intermediate boys baseball, senior and intermediate girls softball, senior boys soccer, and senior boys and girls tennis teams competed against other secondary schools. Our seniors also participated in the Keilor division swimming championships. Well done to all of our students who participated and for being such excellent representatives of our College.

The Senior Sub School held a Year 11 Parent Information evening on Wednesday 6 March to inform families of the requirements of the VCE and VCE VM. The information evening was well attended. It gave us the opportunity to share the Sub School’s expectations and requirements for Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, as well as enjoying some musical performances from the talented Tiana Stepanovski (VCE).

On Friday 15 March, our Year 11 students attended the Lady Northcote Recreation Camp, where they participated in a variety of outdoor team-building activities. These activities supported students in building their confidence and problem-solving. Students worked together as a team, enhanced their leadership skills, and built connections with their peers and teachers. Students participated in all the activities with enthusiasm and a competitive spirit. The winning team, led by Ms Pannu, celebrated their achievements at the end of a fun day.

The Year 11 and 12 students finished the year strong with highly anticipated annual Soccer Challenge between the Year 11 ‘Dozen Destroyers’ and the Year 12 ‘Soccerboos.’ The game was not only a showcase of excellent soccer skills, determination, and teamwork, but it was also a display of the ‘better together’ spirit that thrives within our sub school and school community.

We are so very proud of all the players for showing such great sportsmanship, our spectators for their respectful cheering and engagement in the game, and the cheer squad and mascots who supported their teams with so much energy and enthusiasm. The game had everyone on the edge of their seats, with a final score of 8 all. The match concluded with a thrilling penalty shoot-out, with the Soccerboos achieving a consecutive win. In the end, while there could only be one winning team, the real victory was in the bonds forged on the field and the memories created that will last a lifetime.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the players for their outstanding performance and exemplary behaviour. Special thanks to Mr Jason Price, who refereed the game, Mr Krysinski and all the staff who helped organise and officiate the game.

Next term, on Friday, 17 of May 2024, all Year 11 students will be attending the Victorian Careers Show at the Melbourne Showgrounds. The Careers Show offers seminars on VCE subjects as well as information regarding careers, tertiary courses, apprenticeships, traineeships and employment. It is essential that students attend in preparation for their future career pathways. Parents/guardians will need to access Compass to give consent and make payment. A reminder that parents/guardians with a Health Care Card may be eligible for a government subsidy through CSEF (camps, sports and excursions fund). Please click on the following link or contact our college office for more information.

The Senior Sub School has received Year 11 and 12 progress reports and has interviewed students and, in some cases, have held parent meetings. The reports show students’ progress through formative tasks and SACs. These reports are continuously being used to monitor students at risk and identify students who are ready for further extension in their studies.

Parents/guardians can access all reports through the Parent Portal on Compass. Individual Learning Tasks and the Students Weekly Planners are also accessible through the Parent Portal.

Many thanks to the parents/guardians who contact us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators and the Senior Sub School Assistant, as we will call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our senior students and their families a happy and safe term break.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9366 25555.


Ms Marlene Cassar – Senior Sub School Leader

Year 9 Advance Program

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Year 9 ADVANCE Strathbogie Camp

Hey, everyone! Guess what the Year 9 Advanced Class has been up to? Yup, they hit the Strathbogie campsite for some serious bonding and skill-building action.

On the first day, it was all about soaking in the Euroa vibes. Quick lunch pitstop, and then off to Poly McQuinns for some waterway fun. But the real magic happened in the evening – lasagne for dinner (yum!) and marshmallows roasting over a campfire. It doesn’t get more classic than that!

Day two brought a mix of thrill and chill. Bowling in Shepparton got the competitive spirit going, and then they hit a man-made beach in Nagambie. But the pièce de résistance? A barbecue cooked up by the dynamic duo, Ms. Papagianopolous and Mr. Marinelli. Talk about a feast!

Final day heroics – the students aced the packing game. And what better way to wrap it up than with a pit stop at McDonald’s on the way home? Because, let’s be real, no road trip is complete without those golden arches.

Let’s talk highlights – a school-wide scavenger hunt for Brandon’s phone (seriously, Brandon?), a wild game of 13 with Mr. Dang, Ms. Papagianopolous’s kitchen magic, and Mr. Marinelli’s challenge throwdown at Polly McQuinns. Classic!

Word on the street? The Year 9 crew had a blast! Campfires, challenges, and loads of laughs – they’re already itching for the next adventure. This Strathbogie escapade wasn’t just about building skills; it was about building friendships and making memories.

Cheers to the Year 9 Advanced Class – may your next camp be even more epic! 🌟✨

Mr Jacob Marinelli – Advance Program Coordinator


Sports Faculty

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Intermediate & Senior Boys and Girls Badminton Teams

Congratulations to our Senior and Intermediate Boys and Girls Badminton Teams who will be representing our school to compete with the other schools at the Keilor Division Badminton tournament on Monday 22 April, 2024.

A number of our students were interested in participating in our school tryouts for the school badminton teams. Over the last few weeks, many of our boys and girls in Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 spent their lunch time joining the tryouts. Our students’ badminton skills have improved significantly over the years.

The Senior Boys tryouts were on Friday 16 February and Monday 19 February and the Senior Girls tryouts were on Tuesday 20 February. The Intermediate (Year 9 and 10) boys tryouts were on Friday 23 February and Monday 26 February and the girls tryouts were on Friday 01 March and Tuesday 05 March.

Our students were put in different brackets and compete up to 11 points. The best 6 students were selected to our school teams. Over the next few weeks, they will participate in a number of training and practice sessions at school during and after school hours.

Congratulations to our school badminton teams!

  1. Peter Ly 11C
  2. Minh Loc Vo 11F
  3. Jacky Phung 12E
  4. Thang Nguyen Tran 11F
  5. Thanh Bui 11A
  6. Minh Le 11V
  1. Phuong Nguyen 11D
  2. Rahima Muradi 11C
  3. Haily Le 11C
  4. Caelan Nguyen 12D
  5. Minh Pham 11E
  6. Stella Nhi Nguyen 11D
9/10 BOYS
  1. Lachlan Tran 10F
  2. Huy Vo 10B
  3. Andrew Nguyen 10A
  4. Dat Le 9I
  5. Kevin Hang 9A
  6. Loc Nguyen 10C
  7. Ben Tran 9B
9/10 GIRLS
  1. Lyna Nguyen 9A
  2. Anna Hoang 9K
  3. Jessica Ngo 9A
  4. Jennie Hoang 9K
  5. Minh Vy Nguyen 9D
  6. Kathy Ngoc Ho 10E


Mr Pat Lac  –  EAL & WELS Transition Coordinator | Lunchtime Activities Coordinator

Celebrating a Splashing Success: Recap of the Year 7 & 8 Swimming Carnival!

The Oak Park Leisure Centre was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm on the 5th of March as we hosted our highly anticipated Year 7 and 8 Swimming Carnival. It was a day filled with sunshine, laughter, and remarkable displays of sportsmanship. We couldn’t have asked for a better setting or turnout for this fantastic event!

A huge congratulations goes out to Rosewall House for emerging as the winners of the day! Their dedication, teamwork, and spirit were truly commendable, and they deserve every accolade for their outstanding performance.

With temperatures soaring above 30 degrees, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a day spent by the pool. Students arrived brimming with energy and anticipation, ready to showcase their swimming prowess and support their fellow classmates.

The atmosphere was electric as cheers and chants echoed across the pool deck, creating an ambiance of camaraderie and encouragement. From thrilling main events to entertaining House novelty competitions, there was never a dull moment throughout the day.

The carnival featured a myriad of activities both in and out of the water, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to participate and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Whether it was engaging in lively volleyball matches, competing in exhilarating relay races, or taking a thrilling ride down the waterslide, there was something for everyone to revel in.

We are immensely proud of our students for their exemplary behavior and sportsmanship throughout the carnival. Their positive attitudes and respectful conduct truly embodied the spirit of St Albans Secondary College, making this one of the most successful swimming days we’ve ever had.

A special thank you goes out to all the staff who helped organize and support this event. Without your dedication and commitment, none of this would have been possible.


Mr David Dang & Ms Julie Panayiotou – Swimming Carnival and House Co-ordinators

Business and Community Partnerships

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Future Thinkers Program

Ms Zhu and I had the pleasure of taking 19 students into the city on 8 March to participate in the ABCN ‘Future Thinkers’ program; a selective, day-long excursion where Year 9 & 10 students underwent workshops and sessions intended to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills in real life scenarios. The students represented the College wonderfully and dived headfirst into the various tasks and challenges being put to them by the facilitators. They worked well with adult mentors from IP Australia to put together creative solutions to a range of interesting problems and flexed their collaboration and public speaking skills as they presented their solutions back to the whole group. Overall it was a wonderful experience that the students greatly enjoyed and valued.

Here is some feedback from two of the students who participated in the program.

“This experience is definitely an experience for all students who are looking for a real challenge against their confidence and communication skills. Being a student in this program, it was wonderful to not only take a break from school, but also to test my teamwork skills. In the future thinkers program, I learnt the fundamental basics of how to work efficiently in a team environment with the help of the mentors and of course, my team. For those looking to improve their co-operation, I recommend you to join the Future Thinkers Program hands down.” – Bao Nguyen 9H

“My experience in participating in the Future Thinkers program was an amazing journey where I improved my professional skills and enjoyed exploring the city. Navigating the trains and walking around the cityscape provided me with fresh perspectives and insights. Collaborating with mentors at IP Australia was a highlight, offering priceless guidance on creative problem-solving. The program’s collaborative environment allowed me to make meaningful connections and work with other students on a presentation using two random words. This experience not only enhanced my understanding of design-thinking processes but also boosted my confidence in solving problems and working with new people. Overall the future thinkers program was not only fun and enjoyable but also educational.” – Amy Vo 9M

Well done to Bao, Amy and all of the students who engaged in this fantastic program, and a huge thank you to the ABCN program (and IP Australia) for providing such a great opportunity and experience for our students.



Mr Dane Stammers – Business and Community Partnerships Coordinator


Performing and Visual Arts

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Melbourne International Arts Triannual – VCE Students

VCE Art Making and VCD students attended the Melbourne International Triannual. Every three years this exhibition features the works of prominent artists from across the globe. The exhibition was housed across various public spaces in Melbourne, including the NGV at both St Kilda road and Federation Square. Students were immersed in varied works responding to current global issues. They explored how artists and designers communicate these issues and how the arts industry promotes and exhibits such artworks.


Mr Nick D’Aglas – Arts Coordinator

Clean Up Australia Day

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Year 9 Students Make Waves on Clean Up Australia Day

On 4 March, Year 9 ADVANCE students rolled up their sleeves for Clean Up Australia Day, leaving an impact both within the school and at Errington Reserve. Armed with trash bags, we competed for house points, transforming routine cleanup into an energetic mission.

Errington Reserve’s barbecue area witnessed a remarkable change, earning cheers from locals and emphasizing the power of community involvement.

Amidst the work, camaraderie and shared purpose flourished, strengthening class bonds. After an hour of dedicated cleaning, our brimming bags marked a significant contribution to a cleaner environment.

To cap off the day, a well-deserved lunch at McDonald’s provided a moment to reflect on our positive change. Year 9 students proudly embraced Clean Up Australia Day, fostering unity, accomplishment, and a sense of community responsibility.


Mr Jacob Marinelli – Advance Program Coordinator


Library News

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Welcome everyone! The library is central to St Albans Secondary College. We are open Monday- Thursday 8:00am- 4:00pm and Friday- 8:00am -3:30pm.  If you wish to access our full catalogue, online go to to access a range of eBooks, audiobooks anywhere on any device 24/7. 

Alternatively, come and see our friendly library team to borrow up to four items for two weeks or from our Manga collection for one week. We are also open at recess and at lunch. The library has a range of fiction, non-fiction, Manga, Graphic Novels, Comics and much more! 

There’s so many things reading can do! Just by reading 20 minutes per day, you can see the difference to the number of words learned and impact this has on assessment. 

If you are unsure of what to read, looking to build your To Be Read Pile or request a book you’ve been wanting, come and see us in the library. We too, love hearing what you are reading! Remember the library is a safe place for all.

Everyone belongs! 



Ms Natalya Hawrylak- Teacher Librarian


Western Chances

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Congratulations to the new Western Chances scholarship awardees and to Ms. Marion Mortimer for receiving the Helen Worladge award.


This year, twenty-five students from St. Albans Secondary College were awarded their first Western Chances scholarships, marking a significant recognition of their talents, hard work, and resilience throughout their schooling. On Wednesday, 13 March, ten of the newly awarded scholarship recipients, along with Ms. Marion Mortimer, Ms. Tracey D’Elton, Ms. Colleen Lynch, and Mr. Myers Nguyen, attended the 2024 Western Chances Scholarship Awards Ceremony at the Edge in Federation Square.

The evening held special significance as Ms. Marion Mortimer was honoured for her exceptional commitment to nominating students for Western Chances scholarships since the organization’s inception. Hundreds of past and present students have benefited from her unwavering and tireless efforts to ensure deserving candidates are given the multitude of opportunities provided by Western Chances. Beyond financial support, Western Chances offers specialized educational programs, networking, and internships, which have been invaluable to our current and former students.

Thank you to Western Chances, Ms. Marion Mortimer, and our teacher nominators for providing our students with these life-changing opportunities.


Mr Myers Nguyen – Science Teacher


Extra Curricular Activities

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Our students have been excellent in settling in the new school year and have been doing outstandingly well.

There are a number of new students at St Albans Secondary School this year, including the new Year 7 students, a number of students transferring from other schools, our international students and other immigrants.

While there are many great opportunities for our students to make connections with others in their classes and to support their positive learning at the school, it is no doubt that the transition to a big school like ours could be rather overwhelming for them. To help with this, many of our school teachers and ES staff have volunteered their time to organise extra curricular activities around the school. These sessions are great opportunities for our students to learn new skills, to find new interests and to establish a sense of belonging within their comfort zones in addition to the normal classes they have.

The table below will outline some of the on-going programs that teachers and staff at St Albans have devoted their time to organise for our students.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before School       Softball – GYM / COLA
Ms Phyland
Lunchtime Games Room R1
Mr Lac
Badminton – GYM (when available)
Mr Lac, Mr Han & Mr Chen 
Games Room – R1
Mr Lac
Games Room – R1
Mr Lac 
Badminton – Gym (when available)
Mr Lac, Mr Han & Mr Chen
Lunchtime Library
Chess, Uno, Origami, Colouring In & Books 
Chess, Uno, Origami, Colouring In & Books
Chess, Uno, Origami, Colouring In & Books 
Chess, Uno, Origami, Colouring In & Books Maths Club –
Chess, Uno, Origami, Colouring In & Books
Lunchtime Music Mondays (Wk 4 to 9)
Ms Panayiotou
Craft Club
R2 Pasifika Cultural Group – P4

Ms Tamraz

After School   Badminton – GYM (when available)
Mr Lac, Mr Han & Mr Chen 
  Badminton – GYM (when available)
Mr Lac, Mr Han & Mr Chen
Baseball – Gym / COLA
Ms Phyland


Mr Lac – EAL & WELS Transition Coordinator | Lunchtime Activities Coordinator


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Wednesday, March 20, the campus was graced by none other than Jamie Koutras ‘21, joining our ranks to mastermind the Lunch Club extravaganza. If you’ve been living under a rock (or perhaps just too absorbed in the buffet of school life), Lunch Club is our daily come-together from 12:40 to 1 pm at the renowned H block servery window (of Breakfast Club fame). Thanks to the generosity of Foodbank, we bestow upon hungry souls’ free lunches, complete with sandwiches, fruit, and the ever-elusive “not-so-hot” Hot Cross Buns.

Alas, the days of Messy Monkeys are numbered as our voracious appetite exceeded our Foodbank quota. Fear not, for this Wednesday was smoother than a well-spread sandwich, with Jamie lending a hand that could rival a seasoned deli chef. With sandwich-making finesse and a greeting style that screamed enthusiasm, Jamie embodied the epitome of alumni engagement.

Ah, it warms the cockles of our hearts to witness former students weaving themselves into the fabric of school life, like the golden thread in a rich tapestry. Jamie, we salute your sandwich wizardry and inspired enthusiasm—it’s proof that once a part of this school, you’re forever entwined in its delightful chaos.




To join our alumni community please send us an email at and let us know:

  • What year you graduated (or would have, if you didn’t finish Year 12)
  • What did you do after school (study, travel, working, etc)
  • What do you do now?

You can also stay in touch with us through our college’s official Alumni Facebook page and Alumni LinkedIn


Ms Nicole Gurd – Alumni Coordinator


Community News

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Brimbank Libraries- School Holiday Program





Boxing Program