For the smooth running of St Albans Secondary College, the school enlists the support of parents as partners. The College establishes home-school links that actively involve parents in their child’s education, and we ask parents to view home-school collaboration as a mutual responsibility.

As teachers and parents share the responsibility of encouraging, modelling and reinforcing appropriate behaviour, it is important that parents understand their role in the development and establishment of these behaviours.

We ask parents to partner with us and support their child and the College by:

  • Demonstrating a positive attitude at home about school, teachers and the importance of education;
  • Keeping open communication with their child’s teacher, coordinator and the Principal, communicating any concerns they may have. This helps to address any difficulties, and maintains a positive learning and social environment;
  • Monitoring homework and assignments to make sure they are completed well and on time, and encouraging their child to work to the best of their potential, academically and socially;
  • Demonstrating respect and good manners towards others in the school community; including teaching staff, administration and other staff working in the school;
  • Attempting to provide, to the best of their ability, proper rest and nutrition for their child, as these are extremely important if they are to function well at school;
  • Making themselves aware of their child’s performance at school and be open to a mutual sharing of concerns; and
  • Being a positive role model when visiting the school.