The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge is open to all students in years 7 to 10.

As it is strongly recommended that all year 7 and 8 students participate, all classes have a dedicated reading period in the library. Parental consent forms are distributed, and then class teachers give out record booklets.

Students must read at least 10 books they have selected from the list on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge website, and 5 books of their own choice, to be eligible for a certificate issued by the Premiers’ department. The school awards prizes to the class in which all students complete the challenge and read the most challenging books. Individual prizes of book vouchers are awarded to students from each year level who read the most books.

For more information on the Premiers’ Reading Challenge, please visit There you will find more detailed information, including links to research describing the benefits of reading in relation to achieving high levels of literacy and language skills, thinking skills, and greater success overall at school.

St Albans Secondary College has a high rate of participation, with the number of students completing increasing each year.