Year 9 ADVANCE Strathbogie Camp

Hey, everyone! Guess what the Year 9 Advanced Class has been up to? Yup, they hit the Strathbogie campsite for some serious bonding and skill-building action.

On the first day, it was all about soaking in the Euroa vibes. Quick lunch pitstop, and then off to Poly McQuinns for some waterway fun. But the real magic happened in the evening – lasagne for dinner (yum!) and marshmallows roasting over a campfire. It doesn’t get more classic than that!

Day two brought a mix of thrill and chill. Bowling in Shepparton got the competitive spirit going, and then they hit a man-made beach in Nagambie. But the pièce de résistance? A barbecue cooked up by the dynamic duo, Ms. Papagianopolous and Mr. Marinelli. Talk about a feast!

Final day heroics – the students aced the packing game. And what better way to wrap it up than with a pit stop at McDonald’s on the way home? Because, let’s be real, no road trip is complete without those golden arches.

Let’s talk highlights – a school-wide scavenger hunt for Brandon’s phone (seriously, Brandon?), a wild game of 13 with Mr. Dang, Ms. Papagianopolous’s kitchen magic, and Mr. Marinelli’s challenge throwdown at Polly McQuinns. Classic!

Word on the street? The Year 9 crew had a blast! Campfires, challenges, and loads of laughs – they’re already itching for the next adventure. This Strathbogie escapade wasn’t just about building skills; it was about building friendships and making memories.

Cheers to the Year 9 Advanced Class – may your next camp be even more epic! 🌟✨

Mr Jacob Marinelli – Advance Program Coordinator