School for Student Leadership

On Sunday 4 February a group of seven Year 9 students from St Albans SC made their way to the Gnurad-Gundidj School for Student Leadership. The school is based 20 minutes out of Camperdown in Glenormiston South, Western Victoria and is situated amongst volcanic plains, calderas, rivers and lakes of the western district.

The students participating in the program will spend the rest of Term 1 at Gnurad Gundidj where they will be working with students from other schools based in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. During their time away from St Albans they will participate in a range of outdoor activities including hikes and bike rides. They will also be challenged to make new friendships, become increasingly independent and take on a range of camp responsibilities.

Throughout their time at Gnurad Gundidj students will be working on their selected Community Project. Once they arrive back at school in Term 2 students will work with staff and leaders of St Albans SC to bring their project to life.

St Albans SC students who will be attending during Term 1 in 2024 include

  • Daniel Bobadilla 9A
  • John Nguyen 9E
  • Alvin Ye 9E
  • Delphi-Zeng Lagas 9I
  • Sally Wang 9I
  • Steven Lam 9L
  • Jack Hempstead 9M



Angus Adams – School for Student Leadership Coordinator