Soccer Challenge

The Year 11 versus Year 12 Soccer Challenge was a great way to end Term 1. It was a highly anticipated game, and it was fantastic to see so many students involved in playing and cheering on the day. We would like to extend our congratulations to the Year 11 team, the “Soccerboos”, for their outstanding win against the Year 12 “Hustlers”. We would like to thank Mr Lakovski for refereeing, and all the players, cheerleaders and supporters for their enthusiasm and excellent sportsmanship.


In the first week of Term 2, we held a ceremony to commemorate ANZAC Day. Our Year 12 VCE VM students led the ANZAC Day service, and the school captains and vice captains laid a wreath to acknowledge the contribution and sacrifice of all those who have served our country. A special thank you to David Wilson for playing the Rouse and Last Post, and to Mr. Peter Burquest from Caroline Springs RSL for his heartfelt commemorative address to our school community.

Lest we Forget.

Year 11 Assembly

The Year 11 assembly was held on Monday May 1, 2023. The focus of the assembly was to introduce the Term 2 CPR theme of positive relationships, and to share study tools and techniques as students prepare for the exam period. VCE exam expectations and procedures were also communicated at the assembly.

We enjoyed having increased student involvement in this term’s assembly, and we would like to encourage our senior students to build their leadership, confidence and public speaking skills by volunteering for future assemblies. If you are interested in presenting in future assemblies, please see us in the Senior Sub School.

Study Skills Sessions

The Senior Sub School will run follow up study skill sessions in Weeks 3 (Year 12, during study periods) and Week 4, Tuesday 16 May periods 1 and 2, to further support students with developing effective study habits, tools and techniques, so they are well equipped to achieve their full potential.

Community Breakfast

The VCE VM students worked with Ms Dickinson and the Middle Sub School Peer Mentors to deliver a community breakfast event for the school’s business partners. The students arrived at 5:30am to prepare and serve a selection of breakfast items and barista coffee to the 42 distinguished guests, including key note speaker, Terry Bracks, CEO of Western Chances. Brendan Dang and Crystal Nguyen spoke on behalf of the VCE VM students, shared their personal experiences, and highlighted the significant impact our partner organisations and the VCE VM program have had on their lives. It was a wonderful acknowledgement and celebration of the school’s partnerships and work within the community.



Victorian Careers Show

The Year 11 students will attend the Victorian Careers Show at the Melbourne Showgrounds on Friday May 19, 2023. Students will have access to a range of university, TAFE and training providers, and will be able to obtain useful information and resources to inform their future pathway.

VCE VM Brimbank Careers Expo

In addition to the Victorian Careers Show, the VCE VM students will attend the Brimbank Careers Expo on  May 10, 2023 to gain further knowledge of the careers and pathways available to them.

Prior to the event students will research their interests and skills, and are shown occupation clusters in their interest area from a survey supported by Deakin University. They then will be able to list specific organisation’s to visit on the day. This task will go towards meeting Work Related Skills outcomes.


CHASE Program

The Year 11 VCE VM students started the CHASE program this term. CHASE is a community initiative working to improve health through education. Their goal is to see young people empowered to take control of their own health, to then engage with their local communities to improve health awareness and outcomes. The program is being run by students from the universities across Melbourne, who will be assigned to the VCE VM classes for the duration of the year. These volunteers mentor the students to achieve their goals.

Year 11 VCE VM students will be given the first of six health education sessions and will meet their tertiary student mentors on Friday 12 May. They will continue to have these education sessions during Term 2 and will meet with their mentors to form partnerships with local community organisations and health professionals to improve community health.


Progress Reports

Year 11 Progress Reports are due this week. Year Level Coordinators will be interviewing students and speaking to parents/guardians, as needed. Progress reports will be available for students and parents/guardians to view from Friday 19 May 2023.


Year 11 end-of-unit exams will commence from Thursday 25 May 2023 to Friday 2 June 2023. The students will be preparing for their exams in classes. The Year 12 practice exams will be held during the holidays from Thursday 29 June to Tuesday 4 July 2023. We encourage all Year 12 students to use the study schedules, which they will develop during their study skills session, and to ensure they have allocated adequate time for both revision and study. A quiet and well-organised study space at home is essential for effective study.


A reminder that as the weather is cooling down, students can purchase the school scarf and jacket from the uniform shop on Mondays and Thursdays at lunchtime. The school scarf is the only scarf to be worn at school.

We request that parents/guardians contact the school if their child is absent and that a medical certificate is obtained, where possible. Students are required to meet our Attendance Policy for a satisfactory result in their end-of-semester reports.


We would like to thank parents for their continued support of the Senior Sub School, and invite them to contact us on 9366 2555 if they have any queries or concerns about their child. 


Ms Marlene Cassar – Senior Sub School Leader