Congratulations to the St Albans Secondary College 2022 Western Chances Recipients, who recently received their Certificates at The Edge, Federation Square. Western Chances scholarships are awarded to talented and motivated young people in Melbourne’s west for a variety of achievements, such as Academic Excellence, Music, and Leadership. The founding Chair, Terry Bracks and CEO, Zac Lewis honoured the accomplishments of our current scholarship recipients and celebrated the successes of the Alumni. The 2015 St Albans Secondary College School Captain, Eangano Singehebhuye, who was first nominated for a Western Chances Scholarship in 2012 was the Guest Speaker at the Ceremony. One of eight children, Eangano described his family’s journey, who were forced to leave their home country, Burundi, and then the Congo due to Civil War, before arriving in Tanzania as refugees. The resilience, determination and kindness of his parents were highlighted and in 2005, with the help of the UNHCR his family came to Australia seeking a better future. Eangano has recently completed his Tertiary Studies majoring in Biomedicine and Exercise Science at Victoria University. He is also the founder of the Non-for-a profit community organisation ‘Acts Of Random Kindness Victoria Inc.’ and the Youth and Community Engagement and Liaison Officer at the non-for profit organisation ‘Football Empowerment’. To quote, Eangano, “I have a real passion for helping people”. Another former St Albans Secondary College student, Song Tinh Le was also recognised for the completion of his Physiotherapy Degree. It was a sensational evening for the students and parents from St Albans Secondary College who attended the event. Sincere thanks to Ms Lynne Borle and our Assistant Principal, Ms Tracey D’Elton for their support on the night, and deep appreciation to all the teachers who have nominated our students over many years. Finally, thank you to Western Chances and their major sponsor, Transurban for investing in young people. “At Western Chances, young people are at the centre of our world. Their hopes for a better future fuel everything we do.” And behind everything we all do at St Albans Secondary College.

2022 Western Chances Recipients

Award Ceremony Attendees

2022 Western Chances Recipients


Talia BUI (10D)

Vienna CHAU (8D)


Rahima MURADI (10C)

Alana NGUYEN-DO (8D)

Tamara PENAIA TE’O (9I)

Dylan PHAM (8M)

Megan TRUONG (10B)

Jessica TUIMUK (8D)

Deniz DAYMEN (11A)

Johnson HUYNH (8H)

Kelly LAM (11C)

Kelly NGHIEM (10B)

Kenny NGUYEN (10D)

Thi Thao Nhi PHAN (12E)

Jannah SABBOUH (12E)


TOUE Gurlee (10F)



Ms Mortimer Mortimer – Scholarships Coordinator

Reflections from Western Chances Award Recipients


Some people might think that the ceremony would be boring as it’s just people talking. Though I did think that at first, it was fantastic. First of all, the location was incredibly elegant and modern. There was plenty of food, drinks, and assistance available. Once the ceremony got underway, our wonderful interviewer spoke with three Alumni. I cherished their advice. One of them was “Failing is acceptable.” This truly affected me, because I worry a lot about failing. One scholarship recipient who had a beautiful voice, sang the 1955 classic song “Cry me a River”, which was simply stunning. – Jessica Tuimuk (8D)


Being able to be a part of Western Chances Scholarship program is a great honour. The Awards ceremony was a memorable night, where we were presented with framed certificates on a big stage. For me, this was an award for my hard work and it is nice being appreciated for what you work so hard to achieve. Also, the fact that the scholarship can be extended after secondary school is pretty amazing. I wish to thank my nominators for recognising my work and providing the opportunity to be a part of the Western Chances Scholarship program. – Rahima Muradi (10C)


Going to the Western Chances Award Ceremony has given me a chance to see in person, how receiving a Scholarship had changed other young people’s lives. We heard from Eangano, a WC Alumni and former St Albans SC student and it was very inspiring hearing his hardships and how Western Chances changed his life. – Talia Bui (10D)