Congratulations to all our Senior Sub School students on completing a successful Term 1.  We are proud of the dedication and hard work they have been putting into their studies, and the excellent start to the school year.

We have had quite a few exciting excursions related to specific subject areas this term.

Strengthening Engagement and Achievement in Mathematics and Science (SEAMS) Camp

Selected maths/science students participated in a Strengthening Engagement and Achievement in Mathematics and Science (SEAMS) Camp over the summer break. The program, run in partnership with The University of Melbourne, aimed to increase equitable participation and attainment in higher education science and maths. The camp was an exciting opportunity for students to connect, interact, be inspired and discover the possibilities maths and science have to offer. Our students reported having an enjoyable learning and social experience – see student accounts below.

I was a physics and maths methods student at SEAMS (chemistry and methods also available) and I had a lovely experience. In terms of the studying, in methods classes we learnt many types of graphs and relations, in physics we were able to use advanced scientific equipment including radioactive sources. Other than the knowledge we gained, the accommodation, food and comfort was honestly amazing. Each of us had our own bedroom, ensuite, desk, fan etc., and there were a huge number of options for food, catering to all dietary requirements (and the pancake machine was awesome). In free time we were able to connect with other enthusiastic students, unwind by playing table-tennis, watch movies, play instruments or relax on our own if we liked. Another very useful part of the experience was seeing the Melbourne university campus, as well as talking to our mentors about their degrees and receiving advice for our own futures. The highlight of the program for me, however, was being able to program robots and fly drones. All of this was for no cost as well. Highly recommend!  – Maybel Verma – 11F


In January, I participated in the year 11 SEAMS camp. I was in the Physics and methods course, and it was great fun despite having to study for four hours everyday. In methods, the students got a taste of what we would be learning through the year. In physics, we learnt about electricity and the transfer of electrons, and on the last day, we had a practical where we experimented with radiation. The teachers and tutors were really nice and taught us really well. Our tutors were students from Melbourne University and were all studying different majors – ranging from Computer Science to biomedicine. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the camp and recommend it to other students.  –  Caelan Nguyen – 11D


When we received an email saying that we were selected for the Strengthening Engaging and Achievement in Mathematics and Science Program (SEAMS), we were honored and excited to spend time at the Monash University campus during the summer break. The program allowed us to have a head start with unit 3 of methods and chemistry (plus our methods teacher did a cool lightsaber show). Though we spent time in class learning content, the program allowed us to have fun experiences such as the ‘Amazing Race’ competition which was our highlight of the camp. Throughout the program, we were able to experience the university lifestyle by exploring the facilities that Monash had to offer – including the advanced science labs and the numerous leisure areas.

SEAMS not only provided an extremely beneficial and exciting start to our final year of high school, but also provided a chance to engage in physical and wellness activities. Also, we were able to meet new people from all over the state, who were equally as passionate about STEM.

We really recommend those who are interested in science and mathematics to apply for the SEAMS camp – you won’t regret it (plus they have a Sharetea and Guzman y Gomez on campus).  – Victoria Au – 12A & Kelly Chen – 12A

Biology students attend GTAC

On March 1, 2023, Ms Hanley and the senior Biology students attended GTAC as part of their Unit 3 studies in applying biotechnologies to produce human insulin. The students conducted a series of experiments to insert a human insulin gene into a plasmid and transform bacteria. The results were used as part of an assessment task back at school.

Year 11 VET Music – Australian Music Vault at the Arts Centre

On March 21, the Year 11 VET music students attended the Australian Music Vault at the Arts Centre with Mr Orchard and Ms Tran, where they participated in an industry event, and gathered information in relation to planning a career in the creative arts industry.

Upcoming Events

  • A Year 11 Geography excursion with Ms Lee is also coming up, where students will be undertaking fieldwork in the Kinglake region in order to study the causes, nature and impacts of bushfires.
  • The senior boys baseball and senior boys and girls volleyball teams competed and were excellent representatives of our College. Congratulations to Enki Van (11F), Madison Pacheci-Sio (11E), Doan Nguyen (11D), Oliver Nesvadba (11D), Sarah Mai (11C) and Van Le (11C) on a successful day at the Keilor Division Swimming Championships. Good luck to the students who have progressed to the Western Metro Regional Competition in Geelong to be held on Thursday 30 March. 
  • Next Monday afternoon, the Year 11 and 12 students will compete in another event, our annual Soccer Challenge. The Soccer Challenge brings all the Senior Sub School student together in friendly competition and is the perfect way to bring the term to a close. A mixed team of Year 11 students will play off against the Year 12 students in a 40 minute match. May the best team win!
  • Next Term, on Friday 19 May 2023, all Year 11 students will be attending the Victorian Careers Show at the Melbourne Showgrounds. The Careers Show offers seminars on VCE subjects as well as information regarding careers, tertiary courses apprenticeships, traineeships and employment. It is essential that students attend in preparation for their future careers pathway. Parents/Guardians will need to access Compass to give consent and make payment. A reminder that parents/guardians with a Health Care Card may be eligible for a government subsidy through CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund). Please click on the following link or contact our College office for more information.

Year 12  VCE VM

Our Year 12 VCE VM students attended Sunshine Heights Primary School on Wednesday 22 March for a lunchtime event and Friday 24 March from 5:00pm to 8:00pm for a community event. The students ran activities including face-painting, colouring in, building a ‘hand wall’ and badge making around the theme of Harmony Day – “Everyone Belongs”. The VCE VM students also performed covers of Valerie, I Feel like Dancing and Stand by Me on the main stage. The students demonstrated our school values at all times, when working with the primary school, their students and families.

Year 11 Lady Northcote Team Building Event

On Friday 24 March 2023, our Year 11 student cohort attended the Lady Northcote Recreation Camp, where they participated in a variety of outdoor team building activities. These activities supported students to build their confidence and solve problems. Students worked together as a team, enhanced their leadership skills and built connections with their peers and teachers. Students participated in all the activities with enthusiasm and a competitive spirit. The winning team, led by Ms Gough, celebrated their achievements at the end of a fun day.

Year 11 & 12 Progress Reports and Parent Teacher Interviews

The Senior Sub School has received Year 11 and 12 progress reports and have interviewed students and in some cases have held parent meetings. The reports show students’ progress through formative tasks and SACs. These reports are continuously being used to monitor students at risk, and identify students who are ready for further extension in their studies. Parents/Guardians can access all reports through the Parent Portal in Compass. Individual Learning Tasks and the Students Weekly Planners are also accessible through the Parent Portal.

For an up-to-date report on their child’s progress, parents/guardians are encouraged to attend our Parent Teacher Interviews, which will be held this Wednesday 5 April 2023. Parents/Guardians will have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teachers to find out how they are progressing in each subject. Parents/Guardians can make appointments by booking online through the Parent Portal.

Student Punctuality/Absence

Year Level Coordinators are continuing to conduct class visits to encourage punctuality to classes. It is essential for students to organise their time and be punctual to classes so that everyone can make the most of their class time and disruptions are minimised. Many thanks to the parents/guardians who contact us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators and the Senior Sub School Assistant, as we will call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences.


Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our senior students and their families a happy and safe term break.
If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9366 25555.


Ms Marlene Cassar – Senior Sub School Leader