It’s been a HUGE couple of weeks for the alumni program!

Wednesday, March 8, we invited alumna, Jacqui Musiov ’10, to speak at our International Women’s Day event. This lunchtime event saw the Performing Arts Centre packed with students swimming in popcorn!  Once the popcorn frenzy calmed down about 50 students joined us to watch the gender equality short film, Hurdles, narrated by Emma Watson and to listen to Jacqui speak about the difference that feminism makes to science, and how, in her time as a scientist, she has witnessed a small shift in the gender dynamics, suggesting that a gender equal future in the digital space is slowly but surely coming to fruition. Where once science looked like men in lab coats working on equations behind closed doors, women have now opened those doors and made science and technology more accessible to everyone. #PowerOn.

Thursday, March 9, Serena Pham ’10, returned to the school to mentor one of our students, Kathy Nguyen, Year 10, who is interested in design work.  Serena is a Product Designer and offered to knowledge share with Kathy about the industry.  Student mentoring is an avenue that the alumni program is keen to explore and encourage more of. It is a wonderful way for alumni to give back and to offer their acquired industry-based skills knowledge at an individual or small group level. Contact if you’re an alum willing to share your time and knowledge with a current student.


Wednesday, March 22, we opened our gates and our hearts to our wonderful alumni community, simply to show how proud we are of our school’s changes and achievements, and to celebrate them with our community – in other words, we wanted to show off just how incredible our school really is. We invited alumni to join us for a school tour and a morning tea in recognition of their willingness to connect and contribute, and to acknowledge the fact that our alumni program is built off the back of them and their involvement. We had an array of alumni from across a wide range of peer years but they all had their school years in common and there was much reminiscing despite age and experience. The library was abuzz with the social sounds of a group of old friends catching up on many years’ worth of tales. It was heart-warming to see the student/teacher reunions, and fascinating to hear about everyone’s journeys since leaving the school – everyone has a story!


Achol Arok (Class of 2018) – Kicks of Career at SBS


Ms Nicole Gurd – Alumni Coordinator