Tips for using and caring for your device

  • Charging your device – Make it a habit to regularly charge your device, perhaps before you go to sleep to you will be able to use it during the school day.
  • Carrying & storing your device safely – make sure you are not carrying or holding your device by the screen. It should be closed and in a protective screen or positioned in the middle of your school bag when moving around the school.
  • Passwords – When you have been given an initial password by the techies, you need to change it and select your own unique password. You can keep this password, and you only ever need to change it if you believe someone has found out what it is.
  • Notifications – if you receive a message from Google notifying you that your account has been compromised, or any other message you are not sure about, please contact
  • Device set up – The techies initially set up your device with all the systems that you will need. Please do not: Change or remove the users, or uninstall any programs that are there for your use eg : Office applications like Word.
  • School emails – a reminder that each student has their own school email. You can use this school email to communicate with co-ordinators and teachers at any time



Ms Piera Biondi – Digital Learning Specialist