8A–Mock Bill-Passing-Legislation (House of Representatives)


8A Integrated Studies conducted mock bill-passing legislation in Week 9. Everyone in the class was highly participated and engaged. Students were separated into three groups: Government, Opposition and Minor Parties. Different roles were elected by them in their groups as well. In the government, we had a Prime Minister, Minster of Education and a Team Manager. In the opposition group, we had a Leader of Opposition, Shadow Minister and Team Manager. The government sectors brought up 3 bills. These three bills covered different topics such as school uniforms, social media and road-building in the rainforest. Then, different stakeholders conducted the debate. They used their ideas and arguments to persuade other people to agree with them. After that, students were required to vote if they want their bill to pass. In the end, the government collected the votes and announced that two bills got passed. Then we did a whole class reflection on this activity to give students opportunities to talk about their feelings, questions and what they can do better.

During these learning experiences, students got the chance to experience the law-making and bill-passing process as Australian citizens. These authentic learning experiences can bring students some skills such as critical thinking, team-working and public speaking. Students participated really well in this activity. All of them showed their respect, profession, and debate manners during the mock legislation. Now, students have some knowledge of how the government makes laws and how they pass bills which is a pretty important topic in Civic and Citizenship.


Thanks for everyone’s hard work, I hope you guys enjoyed that!


Mr Jeffrey Ji – Integrated Studies Teacher