As impressive as the program’s statistics are for 2022 (see last newsletter), there is more to the alumni program story than just numbers.

The story the stats don’t tell is one about relationships.  Over the past three years as Coordinator of this program I have met and connected with hundreds of alumni; of course, not all are able to commit to sessions, but there are many who are eager to share their stories and reconnect with the school community and their old teachers. 

It is always such a delight for me to witness the return to adolescence and the waves of nostalgia that overcome our alumni.  One moment they are guests returning to talk to a classroom of students, and the next they are transported back to being a student themselves. There are a lot of emotions going on when alumni come back, but the sense of pride that overcomes the teachers, well, it is simply written all over their faces. So before signing off for the year, I’d like to share with you the other side of the numbers – the people.

For a semester wrap-up of the program, view our summer review here.

I hope you all have a restful, fun and safe summer break.  See you back in this space in 2023!


Ms Nicole Gurd – Alumni Coordinator