Year 9 and 10 students are now coming towards the last few weeks of their school year, and semester exams and tests will be taken over the next few weeks.  Following the test and exam periods, Yr 10 students will begin VCE and VCE VM orientation classes, and Yr 9 will complete the last few weeks of term with their timetabled teachers to review their learning this year and to introduce them to the curriculum for their studies in 2023.

A number of Year 9 students have been selected to take part in the Victorian Youth Leaders Global Youth Forum with students from countries in the Asia and Pacific region. Their online sessions will guide them towards an understanding of global issues, global citizenship, active student voice and agency, in order to become young change makers. Thank you to Ms Emily Dickinson for her work in selecting and supporting the students to take part in this amazing opportunity.

The Year 10 formal committee have started raising funds to support the celebrations for the formal at the end of the year, and have a number of activities planned for the next few weeks. We are looking forward to seeing what they have in store.

We wish all Yr 9 and 10 students all the best for their upcoming tests and exams.

Year 9 Important Dates
  • Semester Two Exams – Monday 14 November – Wednesday 16 November
  • Year 9 Final Awards and Celebration Assembly – Wednesday 7 December  
  •  Year 9 to 10 ‘Step Up Program’ – Thursday 8 December to Monday 12 December
  •  Last Day for Year 9 – Monday 12 December
 Year 10 Important Dates
  • Semester Two Exams – Wednesday 16 November to Wednesday 23 November
  •  Yr 12 VCE Orientation – Thursday 10 November to Wednesday 23 November (for accelerated students)
  •  Yr 11 VCE Orientation – Thursday 24 November to Thursday 1 December
  •  Yr 11 VET Orientation – Tuesday 22 November
  • Yr 11 VCE VM Orientation – Thursday 24 November & Friday 25 November
  • Last Day for Year 10 – Friday 2 December (all students to attend)
  • Year 10 Formal – Friday 2 December


Becky Annetts – Middle Sub School Leader