Our 8J students had a more eventful camp than usual.  On the afternoon of 13 October, the students were returning to the Strathbogie camp after a day spent in Benalla.  The weather had closed in and the local area and received a lot of rain.  The students had returned to Euroa from Benalla and the teachers checked the road conditions with local authorities.  At that time the road was open and other than taking a high degree of care with wet conditions, everything was fine to climb the hill back to camp.  The students were only a few kilometres from the campsite when a fallen tree blocked their route.  Several alternative routes were tried, and each time a tree blocked their path.  At this point the teachers enlisted the help of a local farmer.  The farmer worked tirelessly for several hours to remove fallen trees and at one point used his tractor to help get the bus through a tricky spot.  By the time the students made it back to camp it was well past the usual time for lights out and in fact, the electricity was off! 


At all times the students were calm, composed and assisted the teachers.  They followed instructions and showed a resilient mindset.  Whilst the events of camp weren’t planned, they have made for some good stories and should provide the students with confidence if they are in a similar situation. 

Mr Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader