Welcome back to Term 4. This term will be busy with all students in Years 9 and 10 preparing to sit semester tests and exams, celebrate their achievements over the course of the year, and begin looking to 2023 in their step up and Year 11 VCE classes. In the assemblies held in Week 1, students were reminded of the importance of using the next few weeks to prepare their revision notes and schedules by revisiting their learning over the course of the year and identifying areas for targeted improvement.

The Year 10 formal committee are currently working to organise a number of activities to raise money for prizes, gifts and potentially a photo booth at the Yr 10 formal on their last day of term. A guess the number of lollies in the jar game was launched in Week 2, with several students coming in to try their luck at guessing the correct number. The committee will continue to meet and plan for the celebrations at the end of the year.

Year 9 students are also busy preparing for their end of year Dance Extravaganza celebrations. Students in the Semester 2 Dance class are working with Ms Segura to choreograph a variety of dances, visiting dance teachers will also begin working with students who wish to showcase their dancing prowess, and Year 9 Peer Mentors will be working with the sub school team to plan the event.

Year 9 Important Dates
  • Semester Two Tests – Monday 14 November to Wednesday 16 November (core classes and LOTE)
  • Year 9 Dance Extravaganza – Wednesday 7 December
  •  Year 9 to 10 Step Up Program – Thursday 8 to Monday 12 December
  •  Last Day for Year 9 – Friday 12 December
 Year 10

Term 4 will pass very quickly for the Year 10 students and their time as students in the Middle Sub School will come to an end.  Teachers are preparing students for their end of semester exams, Year Level Coordinators are ensuring that all students have selected VCE subjects or VET courses for next year, and discussions about how best to safely celebrate the end of the year are underway.

Year 10 Important Dates
  • Semester Two Exams – Wednesday 16 November to Wednesday 23 November
  •  VET Orientation – Tuesday 22 November
  •  VCE Orientation – Thursday 24 November to Thursday 1 December
  •  VCE VM Orientation – Thursday 24 and Friday 25 November
  •  Last Day for Year 10 and Year 10 Formal – Friday 2 December


On behalf of the Middle Sub School team, I’d like to wish all students the best of luck as they prepare for their exams and tests.


Becky Annetts – Middle Sub School Leader