It was great to welcome our Junior School students back to school for what promises to be an engaging final term for 2022.  We commenced the term with year level assemblies.  Our recent assemblies have featured an increased level of student voice, including Zoe Edwards and Wilhem Tomoana Araniva stepping in as Masters of Ceremony at Year 7.  They spoke with confidence and appeared very assured, standing in front of 300 of their peers.  Our assemblies often feature musical performances.  This term Josephine Mai, Chantelle Duong and Api Nicol entertained us with their musical skills.  In addition Thien Doan provided a stand-up comedy routine, which was a first for our school and will surely live long in the memory. 

Over the last few weeks, Junior School students have been attending the new Melbourne Science Gallery in Parkville.  This centre explores the collision of art and science and aims to play a role in shifting our understanding of science, art and innovation.  Students took part in a workshop to explore indigenous perspectives on land management and worked collaboratively to solve an environmental problem using indigenous knowledge. 

The Junior School office has been resplendent with students submitting dioramas reflecting a scene from Ancient Egypt.  Students have worked diligently to explain the historical significance of the scene depicted.  Highlights have included depictions of daily life on the Nile River, recreations of Tutankhamun’s tomb and the inside of one of the Great Pyramids of Giza.  Our Integrated Studies team have been extremely impressed with the work that has been submitted. 


Mr Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader