We are at the end of Term 3, and the exams are fast approaching again. The Year 12 students will be completing their September practice exams during the second week of the school holidays. Please refer to the News Feed on Compass for the September exams practice timetable.

It is also one of the busiest times for our Year 11 students. Not only are they finishing their Year 11 exams and VCAL studies, they will also be starting in their new subjects for 2023 in November of this year. The Year 11 exams start on Monday 31 October.

Year 12 Awards Night

The last day for Year 12 classes will be Friday 14 October, followed by the Year 12 Awards Evening which will be held at Moonee Valley Racecourse. Students will be dismissed at lunchtime on their last day to prepare for the Awards Evening.

The Year 12 Awards Evening is a formal occasion for the College community to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our graduating Year 12 students. Graduation certificates will be presented to eligible students, and we will welcome a guest speaker to share their experiences and pathway to success. Entertainment will also be provided by our music students.

The Awards Evening is a ticketed event and a ticket will be required for entry.  Each student will be allocated two guest tickets free of charge. Additional guest tickets will be available at a cost of $10.00 each. These may be purchased from the General Office. Students are required to be at the venue by no later than 4:30pm for gown fitting and rehearsal.

We suggest that parents and guests arrive by 6:15pm to allow time for photos to be taken. Doors will open at 6:40pm for seating. Guests who arrive after 7:00pm may need to wait in the foyer until instructed by the ushers for seating during a suitable time.

Year 12 Formal

The Year 12 Formal has been booked for Thursday 17 November 2022. More information will be posted in due course on the Compass student and parent portals.

Year 12 VTAC Registration

Year 12 students are still in the process of filling in their VCAT application forms, applying for courses, scholarships and special consideration when writing their SEAS applications. All Year 12 VCE and VCAL students will need to resister with VTAC (on-line) if they want to be considered for a university or TAFE course. The Careers team is working very closely will all the Year 12 students as they all qualify for a SEAS application.

Year 12 VCAA Exams

The Year 12 VCAA external final exams start will commence on Wednesday 26 October 2022. The VCAA exam timetable is available on the VCAA website through the following link:


ABCN Digital Focus Program

Congratulations to Mr Olthof and all the girls involved in the ABCN Digital Focus program for a successful program with great outcomes. The students met with their mentors to build their leadership and work skills.

The girls involved reported significant growth and provided positive feedback. Here is a snapshot of their evaluation before and after the program:


Rating Area Before Focus

Rating 5-7

After Focus

Rating 5-7

I see myself as a leader. 14% 85%
I am aware of my strengths that can make me a good leader. 28% 100%
I have confidence in my leadership potential. 28% 70%
I am motivated to become a leader. 42% 100%
I can communicate my ideas to others. 28% 100%
I am aware of a wide range of career options. 14% 70%
I feel confident using video-conferencing for conversations with professionals. 42% 100%


More student feedback:

“Asking for help is never a sign of weakness. It’s OK to ask for help in school. Everyone eventually needs help with something, and it’s not a weakness to receive it. Thinking I’m self-sufficient, I don’t need anyone, and I can get things done on my own without any help will probably jeopardise my mental health and I will ultimately head down a path to burnout. Yet, if I can acknowledge that doing everything yourself is neither sustainable nor desirable, I’ll be able to course correct and improve both my mental and physical health. Asking for help can foster a collaborative environment by sharing skills between individuals. The process can build goodwill between you and others as you recognise their expertise and reinforce that you may work towards similar goals.”  Name withheld.


I would like to once again, thank all parents/guardians for supporting your child as they prepare for their exams. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9366 2555 if you have any queries or concerns.


Ms Marlene Cassar – Senior Sub School Leader