Riddells Creek Camp 2022 – Dukes Award Practice Journey

The Year 9 Advance class completed their Dukes Award Practice Journey by hiking for 10 kilometers around Mount Charlie in Riddells Creek, in preparation for their qualifying journey at the end of the year.

Students played against teachers in a basketball game and the class visited Mount Macedon on the way home and admired the beautiful views.


Student Camp Reflections Kayla, Sarah, Thu & Phi

The camp we had was only two days but it was an eventful camp and definitely an amazing experience. We did many things including a 10km (4 hour hike), cooking on a trangia for dinner, playing and roaming around the campsite and going to Mt Macedon! Our hike was a long and tiring one especially with our backpacks but the satisfaction of completing it was worth the journey. After that we got some time to cool down, play in the basketball/recreation room or playground and spend some time making memories before starting our cooking. We all made some delicious food including hot chocolate! The following day, we went to Mt Macedon to admire the scenery and we took a class photo to remember our camp experience.

Thank you to Ms Papagianopoulos for hosting the camp and to Mr Owen McIntyre and Ms Marion Mortimer for attending the camp. 

At the Riddells Creek Camp, we settled into our cabins and ate lunch. There were lots of activities to do. On the first day we did a 4 hour hike, which was 10 km. It was very tiring as we had to carry our heavy hiking backpacks on the journey. Although the hike was very difficult, as a class we encouraged each other and pushed through the long hike. When the hike was completed, we had free time and could rest for a while. When it became dark, we all went out to hang at the campfire to make dinner using our packed foods and trangias. It was a fun and new experience where we got to cook our own food. After dinner, we cleaned up and got ready for bed.


Jennifer Papagianopoulos – Advance Program Coordinator