The ADVANCE class has completed their First Aid Training and have been preparing for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Adventurous Practice Journey.

First Aid Training

On Wednesday the 25th of May, the Year 9 ADVANCE class completed First Aid training with Darren Schreck, a first aid educator. The activities were interactive and informative and covered emergency response actions, anaphylaxis, asthma, strokes, injuries and insect/snake bites. They practiced using a defibrillators and their CPR skills.

All students received a First Aid Certificate to be able to:

–   Provide basic emergency life support
–   Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation 

Here are some pictures of the ADVANCE class during the training:










Duke of Edinburgh’s Adventurous Practice Journey- The ADVANCE class has been so excited for this upcoming camp and although it is only for 2 days, it will be our first outdoor experience. We have prepared in groups to cook food on the trangia and we had a practice cook to learn how to use it. At the camp, there sounds like there is a lot to do, going for a hike and since we will be able to use the HQ camp, we can play on courts and be within cabins. Recently, we had learnt more about Riddells Creek, about the area, how to pack, food and general information about it to help us get ready!  – Kayla 9C


The Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award

Advance is a program that encourages participants to be actively involved in the local community and complete recognised  training.  As part of this exciting program students complete the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (Dukes Award).  The Dukes Award has four sections: Community Service, Skills, Physical Recreation & Adventurous Journey.

The Advance class has participated in a range of activities including; Lady Northcote Recreation Camp, Clean Up Australia Day & North West Communities for Climate Action School Summit.





Jennifer Papagianopoulos – Advance Program Coordinator