Students in the Junior School have been busy during Term 2.  



Students in Year 7 participated in NAPLAN testing during weeks 3 and 4 of the term.  After some difficulties over the last 2 years resulting from the Covid pandemic, it was helpful to finally have the students back on-site to complete this process.  NAPLAN is designed to demonstrate key aspects of literacy and numeracy and draws upon all strands of English and Mathematics. The results of NAPLAN will be conveyed to families as well as informing teaching strategies here at school.


Vaping Pro-Active Program

The school health promotion nurse conducted informative workshops for Year 7 and Year 8 students regarding vaping.  We understand that a number of students have engaged in this relatively new form of tobacco consumption.  The workshops were educational and were designed to show the health implications of this practice.



The camps program has been on-going.  Despite a record cold start for winter, the year 7 students continue to enjoy the chance to head up to Strathbogie for 3 days.  Activities on camp have included bushwalking, archery and swimming at the Benalla pool.  The students have been cooking for themselves and need to ensure that the camp remains clean and tidy.  Groups have been lucky to sight kangaroos, wombats and even the resident koala.  



Students are to be congratulated on the work that they have achieved this semester.  Whilst it has been a relief to be back on site for the whole Semester, there have been high rates of absence due to illness.  Despite this, some terrific work has been produced and our students are thriving.  Semester One reports will be available on Compass on 24 June.  


Gratitude Wall

As part of promoting and making links to the school’s Term 2 theme of Kindness, the year 7 and 8 students created a Gratitude Wall that expressed the aspects in their lives that they are grateful for. Many were very thankful for their friends at school and  their families that care for them at home. Some were a little more pragmatic in their gratitude as they were thankful for the new Samsung air purifiers in the rooms and others noted the food in the canteen. The students’ responses have highlighted the tremendous daily supports that we all have around us  on a daily basis. We would also like to add that as the Junior sub-school coordinators, we are appreciative of the wonderful students we are able to learn and grow with every day.


Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader