Victoria’s Senior Secondary Education is Changing

From 2023, the new VCE Vocational Major will replace Intermediate and Senior VCAL. This means the VCE will recognise different students equally.

The new Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) will replace Foundation VCAL.

Students will have more education choices, a higher-quality curriculum and better workplace experiences – preparing them for further study, training at TAFE or work.

From 2023, more students will study the VCE. That is because the VCE will include the Vocational Major, a 2-year program that sits within the VCE. There will also be the Victorian Pathways Certificate for those who need flexibility in their learning.

A new information and awareness campaign, Many Talents, One VCE will roll out explaining the changes.

The changes are a result of the  (the Firth review). The review found we needed to improve vocational learning in schools.

Schools currently offering VCAL will switch to the VCE Vocational Major from 2023.

Teachers and careers counsellors are available to answer questions and to support students as they make decisions about their final years at school.

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Year 10 – Work Experience

Work Experience was regretfully cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to pandemic lockdowns. It made its welcome return in 2022, however, it was more difficult for some students to access due to vaccination rules in the workforce and some employers being overly cautious and not offering placements.

This meant we had to run a Career Education Program onsite at the school for those who didn’t secure a work place by the (extended) deadline. Students were taken through lessons that included Resume and Cover Letter preparation, Rights & Responsibilities and Virtual Work Experience. Some of our wonderful Alumni team presented on Tuesday to the group and students were able to ask them questions.

Of the 200+ students that found a placement, they experienced a wide variation of work types. Some students approached the experience in the hope they would secure a part time or casual job offer (and some did at Woolworths, Coles, Chemist Warehouse and Mad Mex to name a few) and others wished to explore an industry they may be interested in studying and/or working in in the future.





Cathy Armstrong – Careers Program Coordinator