Welcome back to all our students for Term 2.  We hope that you have had a restful and enjoyable break.



Term 2 has commenced with a flurry of engaging activities.  On Wednesday 4 May the Year 7 students attended a Science based excursion to Melbourne Zoo.  The students were able to intersperse free time exploring the zoo with four informative talks from the keepers.  The talks focused on the elephants, giraffes, baboons, and the rare and endangered snow leopard.  


The Year 7 Melbourne Zoo excursion was a great experience for everyone. The students had the chance to see many cute and incredible animals. Students were all given their own little booklet to fill out while looking at different types of animals. There were all kinds of animals at the zoo such as gorillas, turtles, giraffes, snakes, sea otters, elephants, and more. It was so cool to see gorillas beat their chest, lions roar, birds fly, and monkeys climb. Students were enjoying the trip immensely simply because of the excitement that the zoo brings. It was a tiring walk around the zoo but it was definitely worth seeing all the amazing animals that the zoo has to offer. At the end of the day, everyone gathered to hop back on the bus to go back to school. Everybody was exhausted but happy. Once we got off the bus to school, we all sat down in the grassy area to get some rest. Overall, this excursion was a huge success. – Spike Gillbee 7J


The following day, the Year 8 students travelled to Ballarat to visit Sovereign Hill.  This open air museum depicts the first ten years of European settlement at Golden Point, Ballarat, following the discovery of gold in 1851.  The second largest gold nugget ever found, the ‘Welcome Stranger’ was found near Golden Point.  This nugget, weighing in at 69kgs is recreated at the museum.


Grade 6 Taster Days

While our students were out of the school at the Zoo and Sovereign Hill, we welcomed prospective 2023 Year 7 students with our Grade 6 Taster Days.  Students from our feeder primary schools were welcomed with a BBQ and were provided with an introduction to SASC and the core subjects.  They met with many of our staff members as well as their future classmates.

Student Forums

Over the course of the final weeks of Term 1 and into Term 2, our Junior School Class Captains and Vice-Captains, as well as a number of other students, participated in Student Forums.  These events are designed to obtain feedback from the student body on a range of issues across their school life.  Students provided very positive feedback on range of issues, as well as providing areas for further attention and improvement.  

Year 7 Camps

Year 7 camps at Strathbogie have been continuing into Term 2.  The activities offered have been changing as the weather cools.  However the ability to provide a safe and engaging alternative learning environment hasn’t changed.  Camps provide an invaluable opportunity for students to form relationships with classmates and teachers outside the regular classroom.  They also get a taste of life in rural Australia.



Craig Moore – Junior Sub School Leader