This term, five year nine students, Angel Bancell Ho, Lawrence Wu, Marcus Arciprete, Najma Rezai and Thang Tran attended the School for Student Leadership (SSL) program at the Snowy River Campus in Marlo.

These students made the brave and very worthwhile decision to be involved in the program and to live away from home for nine weeks with forty other students from all around Victoria. The students decided to attend the SSL school for these reasons

“We all came to the School for Student Leadership to work on and build our confidence, communication skills and to make new friendships. This has been an opportunity to step out of our comfort zones, improve ourselves and make new memories. We have learnt a lot and have had a wonderful experience.”

On the program, the students also worked on a project to make a difference in the local community, which they will implement when they return to SASC in term 2. The students have decided to focus on raising awareness for homelessness.

We look forward to welcoming them all back to SASC in term 2 and hearing about their experiences and the new skills they have learnt.