As I’ve said in the past, it is amazing to have actual alumni join us in real life, on campus, for insightful discussion around post-school experiences and career pathways.  Way back on February 17, Jennifer Whitfield ’21, returned to motivate our current year 12 French students. Jen provided invaluable study and exam tips that are sure to inspire and encourage the students in their own studies.  When Julie Tran ’03 joined us on March 7 in celebration of International Women’s Day, we were treated to a frank conversation about her experiences working as an Organisational Psychologist, breaking the bias in the workplace, and the realities of balancing life with running a successful baking business.  Although we didn’t taste one of her incredible cakes, we feasted with our eyes as she shared images of her incredible creations.

We also ran our first Diggers Plant Club back at the beginning of March.  Although we didn’t have an alumni guest, we all made new connections and learnt a thing or two about potting and caring for plants.  Our next Diggers, on the first Tuesday in April, looks to be a ripper as we welcome back 2021 graduate Jamie Koutras to tell us all about what it looks like on the other side of graduation.  I hope he’s ready to get his hands dirty!

Aside from the on-campus sessions and events, there is often a lot of networking behind the scenes within the alumni community. Although this action is mostly invisible to our students and staff, it’s these connections that strengthen ties, and unites our program with the wider community. Examples of this include introducing a 2017 graduate to a 2020 graduate to offer advice on securing an internship, and a 2010 peer asking for next-step guidance for a business idea, workplace connections for work experience, as well celebrating achievements and sharing challenges and callouts over our social media networks. 

We’re looking forward to further growth and enrichment in Term 2.