The Junior Sub School is a constant buzz again with students happily back on site. It is absolutely wonderful to be face to face teaching with our Juniors again. Term 4 is a busy time of the year and students have been working hard to get their best results and to complete assessments for reports. Staff have completed progress reports for students and Coordinators are catching up with students who need extra assistance in submitting work prior to final reports. Coordinators will be in touch with parents for those students requiring additional support.


We are looking forward to our End of Year Activities for the final week of the term with Year 7 going to the Zoo and Year 8 to the Pool. The events are compulsory for all students to attend and payment will be required by the due date. Please return the signed permission notes to the General Office or give consent on Compass as soon as possible.


We would like to welcome Mr Ben Beagley to the Junior Sub School this term. He will be coordinating 7E,7L, 8E and 8H.

Please contact Mr Beagley if you require assistance and support for your student.


If you have concerns about your child’s progress, please contact the relevant Coordinator and if your child is going on vacation prior to the end of the year the coordinator please inform the Sub School. Please ensure your child returns to school by the first day in 2022. Please call the General Office and ask to speak to the coordinators if you have any questions on 9366 2555