During the most recent holidays, the Japanese teachers organised a kyaraben competition for students studying Japanese. Kyaraben is a portmanteau that combines the words ‘character’ and ‘bento’ (packed lunch). It is a style of bento box where foods are made to look like animals, anime characters, and other cute objects. It was originally created to entice children to eat a broad variety of foods and to develop healthy eating habits, but it has now become its own art form. Students were invited to be creative by using what was already available to them at home when creating their own kyaraben.

We had several incredible entries across all year levels and would like to announce Kayslin Lui Lam of 10C as the winner. Kayslin’s bento included a variety of different foods, bright colours and many kawaii characters. Omedetou gozaimasu, Kayslin!

Arigatou gozaimashita to everyone who participated and we hope you enjoyed creating and eating your delicious looking bento.










Winner – Kayslin Lui Lam 10C