A huge Welcome back to our students in Junior School for Term 4. It is absolutely fabulous to have you back in the classroom again this Term. We are looking forward to this in October and November.

The start of Term 4 for our Junior School students will be a renewed experience in the classroom and having to wear masks. We hope that the students are ready to take on new challenges. 

Students will be supported upon their return. Our students will participate in Reconnect Programs in classes and complete a reflection on what the Remote Learning experience was like and the impact Covid-19 and the Lockdown had on them. This reflection will go in their time capsule and be opened once they reach Year 12.

Students also will participate in getting to know each other activities being organised by the Well Being Team. Here they will learn how to support each other and reconnect.

Teachers and coordinators are working to support students every day in their return to onsite learning and we are all working together as one to support each other.

Some classes will attend camp at Strathbogie and that will be a lovely way to reconnect with classmates.

Remember to always communicate with your teachers if you are having and issues or difficulties with class work. Please contact your coordinator if you have any concerns with Well Being or your learning.

Many students enjoyed the lessons being delivered online and participation was terrific. The feedback from students on how they managed their learning was nice to hear.

 A Reflection by Sarah 8H

“During this sixth lockdown, has anybody thought like, “when will this crazy of a nightmare called lockdown end?” or felt like we have put so much effort into everything we do, where we’re at the point where we need a break? Well, I would say most people would say that me being close to number 1.

But anyway, what I did to make lockdown better though was to keep motivated and positive and by motivated and positive I mean trying a whole lot of things. Like attempting to learn a new language, attempting to cook (Which didn’t turn out well), and even attempting to learn Korean Pop Dances.

But now that we’re, hopefully, almost out of lockdown, I’m definitely grateful for and looking forward to going back to school. I’m glad to be able to go back and learn without having to worry about missing something important while being able to interact with friends and teachers without losing connection. And especially happy that I’m finally able to stop using a screen as much as I do in lockdown.

Hopefully, this will be one of, or the last time we have to go into lockdown for such a long period. “

We really look forward to seeing all of our students back in the classroom and wish our students success back in the face- to- face learning environment. It will be a positive and nice way to complete the year.