Dear Parents and Guardians

With the news that all students will be returning to onsite learning from Friday 22 October after almost 70 days of learning online, we hope that this is our very last lockdown newsletter! It is really exciting to be looking forward to welcoming back our Years 7 to 11 students, and all of our teaching and Education Support staff.

As we make the transition from home to school, it is understandable that students, parents and teachers will be experiencing a range of feelings and emotions, from jubilation to anticipation to concern and nervousness. This is completely normal, and to be expected after so long away from friends, crowds, noise and a very different routine. Even being so far from the fridge and pantry is a challenge to overcome.  The good news on this front is that the canteen will re-open!

Over the next few weeks, Sub Schools, Wellbeing, Individual Needs and teachers will have a particular focus on activities and conversations that will support your child to reconnect with school, their classes, and their peers. Please see the article below which outlines our strategy for this in more detail. As always, if you have concerns about your child during this time, please be sure to contact their Coordinator.

Welcome …


A special welcome to new member of staff, Rahme Hasan, who has joined the Wellbeing Team as a social worker this term and will work with the Middle Sub School students. It is a pleasure to welcome Rahme to the school, and we wish her all the very best for her time at St Albans Secondary College.



Mental Health Practitioner

The school is pleased to announce we have appointed a Mental Health Practitioner commencing full time this term. Funded by the Department of Education the Mental Health Practitioner provides an additional resource to the school’s existing Wellbeing Team and includes:

  • contributing to whole-school approaches to mental health prevention and promotion
  • provision of direct counselling support to students and other early intervention services
  • coordination of supports for students with more complex needs

Congratulations to Natasha Sougias from our Wellbeing Team who was successful in being appointed to this role.


Reconnect – Supporting our students.

Supporting students return to onsite learning and reconnect effectively with their peers and teachers will be a focus of our work this term and will continue through the coming weeks.  The College has developed a detailed plan to support students and staff which includes a range of strategies. These include:

  • Creating a calm, welcoming and safe classroom environment. Growing student voice and agency by discussing with students the classroom protocols (including COVID safety) that are needed to make sure everyone feels safe, supported and can learn/teach.
  • Fostering strong relationships with classes and re-establishing routines.
  • Taking it slow and spending time in the first weeks checking in one on one with each student.
  • Focusing on teaching the ‘whole child’ with an emphasis on academic, wellbeing and social outcomes.
  • Supporting student learning by working with students to develop a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic (rewarding and resourced) and Time-bound) learning goals relating to their work.
  • Reminding students that mixed feelings are normal and reassuring them of their value and available supports.
  • Supporting students with reintegration anxiety by creating a classroom environment that privileges wellbeing where we all feel Connected Protected and Respected.
  • Developing a range of wellbeing and teamwork activities for students to help them feel connected and supported at school.
  • Proactively checking in with students who need targeted support to ensure their wellbeing is supported.
  • Providing additional student activities in Term 4 to build student resilience and help our students flourish.


Year 12 Class of 2022 Graduation

Our annual year 12 Graduation Ceremony was held online last Friday afternoon. It was wonderful to be able to share this occasion with the school community via live streaming.

Each student was presented with their graduation certificate and parting gift. There were also subject awards for each class. See the Senior Sub School page for a list of all the subject award winners.

We were also treated to musical numbers by the Year 12 VET Music students.

There were 4 major awards presented. The awards and the winners were:








  1. ADF Future Innovators award – Cindy LE

ADF Future Innovators Award is presented to a student who has been recognised for their innovative talents and nominated by their Year 12 Maths and Science teachers.

Cindy demonstrated a high level of motivation in the learning area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

As a year 12 student, she completed Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods where she consistently displays an exemplary level of commitment and enthusiasm towards their studies.

As a Year 11 student she completed Further Mathematics and Biology as accelerated subjects and achieved an excellent study score in Biology and a perfect study score Further Mathematics


  1. Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award – Jamal BABA

This award is presented to a Year 12 student who is involved in the community, demonstrates outstanding leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

In 2021, the school is proud to present this award to Jamal who:

  • treats everyone with respect and consideration
  • is a role model to peers, teachers and the school community
  • is good humoured, mature, polite, supportive and courteous
  • always displays a positive attitude, and shows persistence when confronted with setbacks or challenges
  • is a highly driven and motivated learner
  • has been acknowledged for their talent and motivation and has been supported financially on their educational journey through a Western Chances scholarship.
  • has volunteered at our school’s Breakfast Club. Helped prepare and serve breakfast to students.
  • on realising that the Breakfast Club needed some financial support, implemented a café in our Trade Training Hospitality Centre, selling hot drinks to teachers at recess and lunch times, in order to raise funds for the Breakfast club.
  • in Year 11 was elected as a member of the SRC and in Year 12, was elected as one of the School Captains where he has advocated for the whole school student body.


  1. VCAL Excellence Award – Jasmine Mondia

Jasmine has been a strong ambassador of school’s VCAL program.

During her VCAL course she has grown in confidence and maturity, taking on tasks and responsibilities with enthusiasm and commitment. She is eager to learn and work hard to build on her industry knowledge and skills, with the ambition of one day working in the area of health care. She is professional at all times, consistently motivated and strives for high standards. She is always willing to assist others and works to achieve their full potential. She has planned and organised school-based activities for Valentine’s Day, Coffee Club and the Breakfast Club, and consistently advocated for all VCAL students

She has been a House captain and Class captain in junior years and in Year 11 was elected as member of the SRC. In Year 12 she was elected as one of the School Captains where she also has advocated for the whole school student body.


Academic Excellence Award (DUX) – Cindy LE

This is awarded to the Year 12 student who has achieved outstanding academic results throughout their VCE and time at St Albans SC.

Cindy is remarkably hard working and incredibly articulate. She has shown a continual commitment to their studies and extended her already excellent understanding of key knowledge in the subjects she studied this year. Her ability to communicate complex ideas has set her apart from their peers.

Cindy has been very generous with her time and has consistently worked with other students, encouraging them to maximise their potential.

She has also been acknowledged for her talent and motivation through a Western Chances scholarship.

Cindy received a 2020 Premier’s VCE Award. This is a significant recognition for a students’ outstanding performance in a VCE subject. She was one of the top group of students in Victoria to receive a Study Score of 50 for Further Mathematics.

Congratulations to all of the graduating class of 2021, and we wish those of them doing exams the best of luck. To the entire class we hope the future is bright, and that the pathways you enter bring you success and satisfaction. Remember that we are always here to assist you.

A special thanks to the Senior Sub School, led by Ms Stav Bekiaris and Ms Anna Woods, for their organisation of this successful afternoon.


Pop-up Vaccination Hub

Last weekend, our school partnered with the Department of Health to host a pop-up vaccination hub from Friday evening through to Sunday evening. It was a privilege to be able to offer the venue for this service, and to see so many people here over the three days. Thanks to the great team at Health, to our staff who supported this, and to our community who did their bit for vaccine numbers!


Semester Tests and Exam Dates

Given the staggered return to school by the different year levels, we have made some changes to semester test and exam dates.

Year 9 – Semester Tests for core subjects will be help in the week commencing Monday 15 November.

Year 10 – Semester 2 exams will commence on Wednesday 17 November.

Year 11 – Unit 2 exams will commence on Friday 5 November.


Please contact your child’s Year Level coordinator if you have any questions.


And finally …..

We have officially farewelled our Year 12 Class of 2021 with the end of their formal classes this week.  Our very best wishes to each of them with their future pathways. To those who will sit their exams over the next few weeks, we wish you every success. You have certainly earned it over the last two years. The tenacity and resilience you have developed will stand you in good stead for many years.