As you all know, MAC is at a bit of a standstill as is the rest of Melbourne. This year’s MAC team was one rehearsal out from the first performance and the PAC lies empty with all the sets, costumes, lights, sounds and instruments. It is our hope that we can return to school on September 3 and put in two days of rehearsal to get the show back on track and perform it to staff and students. Regrettably, it seems that performing live to the families will not be possible this year. However, we hope to make a high quality recording which will be available to purchase for a small fee.

We are very proud of this year’s group, as they have shown such perseverance, resilience, support for each other and of course talent! It is a beautiful show and Shakespeare’s story comes alive with this cast. The musicians have also done an amazing job to bring many well-known tunes to life and they are an accomplished ensemble. We have several backstage students who have provided the pillars of this show. So many are in year 12 and have shown real talent and skill in the area. The team are professional and although I do not like to single out students, I would like to recognize the work of Iris Wen as our efficient and organized stage manager, Calvin Pham and John Pham who are expert lighting operators, Jennifer Kn and Natalie Nguyen who have demonstrated fine technical and problem solving skills in managing the mic plot. We are very lucky to have so many year 12s involved in all aspects of this production and we hope they get a product after all their hard work. Let us keep this year’s ‘dream’ alive!

Janet McKenzie – Director