This term sees us Remote Learning again and the Junior Sub School Team is here to support all Year 7 and Year 8 students and their parents with the learning being completed at home.  Please contact us at any time for advice or if your child is experiencing any difficulties accessing the work. Please contact us via email

Weekly Challenges

Starting from Week 5 – we will have an online inter-class competition. Week 6 is a KAHOOT Trivia Challenge. Get your classmates to visit us on daily in the Google Meet at 12.45 – 1.15pm code is available on the Compass post. so drop in visit us at lunch at participate in the games (Bring your lunch!).
Look forward to seeing you all there!! 

Safety Online

“Digital Thumbprint” will be presented to students of Year 7 and 8 in September.  The students will be involved in some workshops, teaching the advantages of a positive on- line presence.

Through a series of fun activities these workshops bring to life the vital information students need to become discerning internet users. Concepts covered include information security, on line business models and terms and conditions.

Year 8 Information Evening Online

We held our Parent Information evening for Year 8 students on Tuesday 10 August and this was to inform parents and students on Subject Selection processes for Year 9 Courses. Information will be sent out via Compass. The evening was attended very well, and it was lovely to see families engaging with us online. Students will now choose their subjects and submit their forms via a Google Form online.

Suggestions from your Coordinators

Sometimes we need a break from the screen and our schoolwork. Here are some suggestions from your coordinators for after school hours or on the weekend.

  • Mr Moore suggests ride your bike around the block, help cook dinner for the family or do some gardening outside.
  • Mr Winduss suggests going for a run and walk the dog after school
  • Ms Honeycombe suggests baking with your family like cakes or pancakes or a nice healthy meal. Do some yoga or meditation activities.

Remember if you need any assistance from your co-ordinator, please email them. We are here to assist you any time.