Year 12 VCAL students entered a Diversity MS Paint/Airbrush Pictorial Representation & Explanation of your Artwork competition run by Sunshine Youth Space. Students had to draw a representation of what they saw Diversity as, and what it represented to them, then give an explanation of their artwork. Two of our student’s pieces won 1st and 3rd place. The recipients received prize money of $300 and $100 respectively. Congratulation to Lisa Diep and Aliyah Pido.


LISA DIEP 1st Place

Drawing explanation: I drew myself in the middle, holding country and sexuality flags and some elements of Australia floating around me. These represent diversity as it involves my love for people’s braveness in coming out, or their preferred identities, my respect for other cultures and the influence of Australian culture in my life as I’m Vietnamese person born in Australia. Throughout my years living in this country, I have experienced and witnessed the acceptance of others, whether it be their culture, their religion or practices as Australia is a friendly and accepting country. 

The background has the earth, which indicates all the countries in the world, where a lot of immigrants are from, leaving their country to now reside in Australia. The background colours is green and gold, which is Australia’s iconic colours.












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Ms Laura Gough